The Day After The National Tea Party

Dear Patriot Family,
I am extremely proud of the national statement we ”tea party patriots” made yesterday, Tax Day, April 15th. Without question, there is a dramatic contrast between our passionate peaceful protests and the vile hateful expressions of the left. At the Sacramento Tea Party where I performed the national American Tea Party Anthem, the crowd of 5 to 10 thousand was polite, orderly, full of love for our great country and frustrated with the outrageous spending and far left agenda of the Obama administration.
Our optimistic upbeat grassroots Tea Party Movement has birthed an army of Americans standing together for the principles that have made our country great. We vow to hold politicians on both sides of the isle accountable for their actions. We’re saying, “Enough is Enough”.
Despite ridicule from an arrogant administration and being laughed at by the left leaning mainstream media, we are strong, united and committed to Taking Back America! A majority silent no more. I love you guys! Brothers and Sisters, LET’S ROLL!
Lloyd Marcus