Cruz: His Momma is Natural Born. Thus, So is He.

  Congrats to Ted Cruz, who stunned pundits who said a conservative could not score high in New Hampshire, for finishing strong in the primary. Okay, folks, here is why Ted Cruz is eligible to be president according to the…

Desperate Scary Times Folks. But There’s Hope!

APC Lloyd Marcus in Garden

Liberals methodically stole our youth’s minds over a long period of time. We must apply the same strategy to begin winning back our kids.

Ted Cruz Once Again Proves Himself Presidential

Ted Cruz CCC Banner

As the New Hampshire primary fast approaches, I wish to remind voters that our next commander-in-chief must be of the highest character, cut from the rare cloth of our founders. Sometimes God gives us great gifts in ugly packages.  Recent…

Voter Fraud: We See Dead People

Sharron Angle 2

As an American who happens to be black, I am highly insulted. In essence, Democrats are saying it is too challenging for us poor inferior simpleminded blacks to find our way to the DMV or other places to acquire a photo ID.

Lloyd Marcus: Tuesday After Cruz Wins Iowa

Ted Cruz Rally Iowa Biker & Lloyd Marcus 2

Hello Folks, It is Tuesday, the day after Ted Cruz’s stunning win in Iowa. Our Conservative Campaign Committee on the ground here in Iowa are still basking in the afterglow of Cruz’s victory. Not to pat ourselves on the back…

Lloyd Marcus: Cruz Wins! Thank You Jesus!

Ted Cruz & Lloyd Marcus Discussion

Folks, my Conservative Campaign Committee team have been boots on the ground in Iowa for Ted Cruz. We are overwhelmingly happy and blessed that our efforts contributed to Cruz winning the Iowa Caucus. It is amazing what you see, learn…