Dear Patriots,
Lloyd here. Candidly, asking for contributions is not in my nature. The bottom line is I can not influence the masses with my unique God inspired common sense take on America’s political condition without your assistance. Please contribute.
Your donation is greatly appreciated. Thanks and God bless, Lloyd

Or, by Mail: Lloyd Marcus, PO Box 283, Paw Paw WV 25434


2 comments for “DONATE

  1. Wanda Jones
    October 1, 2014 at 7:55 pm

    Wonderful writer with so much common sense it is a sure thing to say liberals will be saying , …it is a sure thing liberals will be saying FOX is paying him or it is Bush’s fault he speaks out…thank God for such as Mr. Marcus…I will be donating and buying his music…

  2. Robert Dodge
    October 19, 2019 at 1:32 pm


    Just read your Calling All Rosa Parks article in the American Thinker. Bravo! Love the simplicity and punch of your prose and message. My wife routinely expresses (without the expletives; sweet, sweet woman) a similar sentiment to the sentiment your would-be brick-throwing friend expressed: why is this farce being allowed to happen, in plain view no less? It’s so clearly wrong, why isn’t something being done to stop it? Me? I’m tired of the endless analyzing. Enough with the words: when is something going to actually happen? (Make that “. . . happen to the liars?” — last I checked, the only folks behind bars are conservatives.)

    Anyway, I know these things don’t write themselves, so thank you for your time and effort putting this excellent essay together. Again, bravo!


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