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Hi Mr. Marcus,
I read your AT blog often. I so enjoy your POV. It’s refreshing and welcome to read about conservatism from another un-hyphenated American. I myself am a common blend of Caucasian father who always regretted marrying “out of his race” and a Mexican mother. In the late 60’s my mother married a black man. It was scandalous. The children didn’t know better and we never understood why we would want to sit in the white section at the Texas rodeo, away from our step siblings and friends. My mother had two other children by her second husband. He abandoned them. My dad, who loved babies and children always included them on our outings even though they “were different.” He could not bear to leave them behind. At his passing they both recalled him being a father to them when it was not of the time. Anyway I read several columns of yours today, specifically about your father and your father-in-law. They bring back my own memories in different ways. Please tell your dad I admire his courage. Your mother too. Loved the story about her grilling him for the fireman’s test. That’s love. And condolences to your wife on the loss of her dad. Eight years later I so miss my dad and I never thought I would. How funny and ironic life is. I have his little beloved horse. She is now my beloved little horse but I invite him to come with me when I ride so he is with me.

I am so sick of the race issues that plague our country today. I can’t even listen anymore. If I hear it I tune out the argument because it means there is no good argument. I find your writings so refreshing. Gives me hope if only for a short while. Thank you for your hard work on behalf of conservatism. May God hold you in his hula-hoop of love.

San Diego, CA