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Takin’ a Stand for Conservatism: Joe Miller for U.S. Senate, Alaska

Takin’ a Stand for Conservatism: Joe Miller for U.S. Senate, Alaska In the history of a particular high school back in the 1960s, no pregnant student was allowed to participate in the graduation ceremony. A leftist group threatened the school…

The War on Rich White Men

I heard a knock on the door of my hotel room. It was Donald. “Turn on Megyn Kelly. She is reporting about an MSNBC commentator’s claim that using the term “Obamacare” is the same as calling him the N word.” http://bit.ly/18QPu5V

MSNBC’s Melissa Harris Perry’s accusation is absurd. It is an obvious weak attempt to distance the president from Obamacare which is wreaking havoc in the lives of millions of Americans who are losing their health care.

What I found most disturbing and what I wish to focus on is Perry’s evil attempt to gin up hate against “wealthy white men” who she claims created the term “Obamacare” to demean and undermine the black president.

Due to the Obama Administration playing the race card to win every argument and silence opposition, America is polarized along racial lines. Perry’s false accusation is like throwing gasoline on the flames of national racial tensions; as irresponsible and cruel as screaming fire in a crowded auditorium.

Mr. Cruz Goes To Washington

From what I recall of my childhood, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s civil rights movement was not universally embraced in the black community. Some blacks were frightened by his actions and angry at the “crazy” colored man for stirring up trouble. “He is making things worse for Negros!” MLK became an American icon.

In 1977, world renowned architect Phillip Johnson was approached by Rev. Robert Schuller with his “crazy” impossible dream. “So, you want to build a glass cathedral in earthquake country without obstructed views to the front and you have no money?” Rev. Schuller replied, “Yes.” The Crystal Cathedral is world renowned as the largest glass building in the world.

Ted Cruz “Thanked” In New TV Ad Campaign – Airing on Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving Day powerful TV ads will air across the state of Texas “thanking” Senator Ted Cruz for leading the fight against Barack Obama’s failed ObamaCare healthcare scheme. The ads will run during the highly-rated NFL Thanksgiving Day football games and during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade on one-dozen (12) TV stations across Texas.

The TV ads are paid for by the Conservative Campaign Committee (website: http://www.ConservativeCampaign.org), a federal political action committee that endorsed Cruz for Senate in the 2012 runoff election and ran ads supporting his campaign then – and the organization is proud to continue to support Cruz today. “Senator Cruz has clearly been vindicated in his efforts to stop ObamaCare from causing real harm to millions of Americans. Senator Cruz was right about ObamaCare, and Barack Obama was wrong, and now the American people know the truth,” said Lloyd Marcus, Chairman of the Conservative Campaign Committee.

Obama Lied, Keeping Your Plan and Doctor Died

President Obama said, “If you like your health care plan, you can keep it. Period.” Obama lied. Period.

A 2010 IRS form confirms that to sell Obamacare, Obama shamelessly lied to the American people, promising that they could keep their health care plans and their doctors but well aware that at least 10 million Americans would not be allowed to keep either.

Okay, so Obama got caught lying to the American people again. So what? Nothing will happen. Like Michael Jackson’s famous line in his “Thriller” video, “I’m not like other guys” — and Obama is not like other presidents. Even after five years of lies and the display of less than admirable character, it is still unacceptable to oppose, challenge, or criticize the first black president.

Social Issues Could Loosen Obama’s Hold On Senior Blacks

Dad opened the door and I gave him an ear-full. My 84 year old black dad who is a minister in Maryland called me here in Florida.  He said Maryland is considering passing a same sex marriage law. Assuming his…