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The Gladiator: Sarah Palin We Need You Back in the Arena.

Hello, calling Sarah Palin! Has anyone seen her? Where is she? Has Sarah Palin left the building? Is the Palin magic gone forever? No. The Palin charisma and mass appeal is still alive and well. Certain people are born gifted…

Fond Memories of Ronnie by Lloyd Marcus.

Our 40th president’s birthday earlier this month caused me to reflect upon how Ronald Reagan impacted my life. In 1981, I was a young singer/songwriter, clueless about politics, when Ronald Reagan won the presidency. An event planner asked me to…

Ronnie Stayed the Same; Ronald Reagan Tribute

When I sang at one of his Inaugural Balls, reporters were stunned that a black kid singer liked Reagan. All I knew was that every time I heard this man speak, I felt good about myself and my country. http://www.reverbnation.com/play_now/song_7161431