The Cure for Confused Male/Female Relationships

At our annual Labor Day family reunion, I surprisingly found myself in conversations in which male/female relations was a reoccurring theme.

A happily married female relative told me about five of her middle-aged girlfriends who are looking for husbands. She said they probably will not be successful because they are domineering women who refuse to respect a man.

A gentleman said he asked his wife to prepare him a plate of food from the buffet, which she did happily. A radical feminist scolded his wife, “Why did you do that? There is nothing wrong with his feet and hands!” The gentleman told the bitter woman to stay out of their relationship.

A young female relative cornered me at the dessert table. She ranted about how her dating pool is filled with boys rather than real men like her dad. “I am so tired of wearing the pants in every relationship. I would gladly take off the pants and hand them over to a real man. I’ll even cut the pants off, turning them into shorts if it will make him feel better. I just want a responsible adult male that I can respect and depend on.”

At poolside watching the kids have a ball in the pool, a frustrated young father told me his vindictive ex-wife selfishly uses their 12-year-old son as a pawn. Over the years, he has spent thousands in attorney fees for visitation rights. I praised him for fighting to stay a part of his son’s life, whom he brought to the reunion.

Male/female relations are a mess, folks. America is suffering the dire consequences of allowing radical feminists and progressive anti-biblical ideology to dominate our culture.

Progressive schools, radical feminists and Hollywood have absurdly taught young women that gender equality means they must reject their femininity and physically compete with men. Several ridiculous movies feature 100-pound women beating the crap out of 300-pound men. The absurd message is men and women are the same.

Consequently, far too many young women are clueless regarding the tremendous power of their God given femininity. Remember that song in the musical, The Flower Drum Song titled, “I Enjoy Being a Girl”? Celebrating femininity is deemed offensive and oppressive today.

As a child, our choir was on a bus trip. The bus was ready to leave and some of the kids had not returned to the bus. Our choir director, Miss Robena said, “Lloyd you can run fast. Run back and tell the kids to hurry.” I ran as fast as I could because I wanted to please Miss Robena. That’s the power of femininity.

Progressives claim to be our superiors regarding advocating for people of color. And yet, progressives promote anti-biblical and irresponsible behaviors which produce problems that plague urban blacks. For example: The Oxygen channel produced a reality TV show titled, “All My Babies’ Mammas”. The show irresponsibly celebrated a black rapper who has 11 kids by 10 black women.

Fatherless households negatively impact urban blacks, causing a cycle of generational poverty, addiction to government dependency, black-on-black crime, gang membership, high incarceration and epidemic school dropout rates. The dirty little secret is the Democrats’ insidiously evil game-plan is to keep their constituents on the government dependency plantation.

This is why every 2020 Democrat presidential candidate is promising free everything, including a monthly check to able-bodied Americans who simply refuse to work. Trump’s economy has created more jobs than there are people to fill them. Trump has reduced black unemployment to a historic low.

Black Entertainment Television (BET) is extremely hypocritical. While claiming to be super advocates for blacks, BET has partnered with progressives promoting debauchery which contributes greatly to the moral and cultural decay of urban blacks.

Due to politically correct mixed messaging, men and women are confused about how to relate to each other; rejecting their biological instincts. Feminist women magazines say it is insulting for the man to automatically pick up the check at dinner. They say the woman should have an opportunity to pay for the meal. However, if he allows her to pay, the woman should run from him.

Dad taught my three younger brothers and me that when we took a girl on a date, as men, it was our responsibility to return her home safely. Even at our peril.

Adding to the confusion about how males and females should relate to each other is the implementation of the LGBTQ curriculum in schools which teach kids to reject nature’s definition of male and female. Thank God hundreds of parents in California pulled their kids out of school in protest of the LGBTQ curriculum.

In the progressives’ relentless war against nature, we are bombarded 24/7 with the glorification of same-sex attraction. The TV cooking show Chopped would have us believe a third of America’s chefs are involved in same-sex relationships which is an absurd lie. Only 2-3% of the population is homosexual.

The progressives’ latest attack on normal male/female relationships is an NBC News report, “Heterosexuality is just not working.” The report claims that men are so horrible that women are opting out of heterosexuality and choosing to become lesbians. Wait a minute — haven’t LGBTQ activists insisted that people are born homosexual and it is not a choice?

While claiming they only want tolerance, the real agenda of LGBTQ activists is to demonize heterosexuality and throw people in jail who publicly disapprove of the LGBTQ lifestyle.

Our Creator has provided the perfect instruction manual to achieve happy and fulfilling male/female relationships — the Bible. Progressives despise God’s instructions and seek to implement their hideously evil and destructive perversion.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American

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4 comments for “The Cure for Confused Male/Female Relationships

  1. Brenda
    September 9, 2019 at 5:20 am

    Lloyd has hit the nail on the head, once again! I will happily make my husband a plate, without him having to ask me. As his wife, I am concerned that all his needs are met, that he’s happy and healthy, and that we can enjoy a long life together. We depend on each other, and we share responsibility for our family and home. Today’s messed up philosophies about relationships are ungodly and corrupted by the ideology of unhappy people. God help us all!

    • John
      September 9, 2019 at 8:27 am

      Amen! After 51 years of happy/ loving marriage, I believe you’ve encapsulated what we’ve lived those years! If people see how many of the so called ‘progressives’ are unhappy people who can’t seem to lovingly live with and care for others, but want to force some strange ideology on everyone they will wake up to reality. Yes, keep praying. God will help us!

  2. September 9, 2019 at 8:25 am

    Mr. Marcus, What we see happening today is the result of a nation who turned it’s face from God. Oh, there are many who claim to know Christ, but, they don’t. It would be hard I think to pinpoint when this started happening, when the nation started turning from God. I’m not black and I was raised in poverty so deep it is not seen today, raised in immorality , uncertainty, fear, chaos. This upbringing was a direct result of parents who did not follow Christ, who rejected Him and God’s wisdom. My mother was raised by practicing Catholics, my father I’m not certain if his parents (my grandparents) were Christian or not. My upbringing was so horrific as to be unbelievable and as a result, while I did strive to be a better parent but I did not pursue Christ nor God’s Wisdom. Without God’s wisdom we fail in all that we do, it’s that simple. Man is not wise on his own, we are fools, it’s that simple. But in our arrogance and ignorance, we think we are wise. What we see happening today affects not just black Americans, it affects all Americans, all children and the evil of the nation today is a accumulation of unknown decades of an American people who decided that God’s Wisdom does not apply to our “modern , inclusive and wise society”. The “churches” themselves led the nation to the evil of today and continue to lead us down this path of destruction. The churches decided divorce for example was acceptable, for any reason, that is not what God instructed! The only reason for divorce that God accepts is if a spouse commits adultery, period. He did not say unless or but. Additionally, had the people of this nation obeyed in this matter family units would not be destroyed, children would not find themselves longing , usually , for a father. This one sin the nation has engaged in has led to many sins, including sexual immorality and in my opinion, this has been the most destructive force of all our sins, leading to the chaos and wickedness of today. My opinion is based on my own upbringing which indeed then shaped my own parenting and adult years which are not sterling. I finally heard God and pursued Him in my 40’s and that is when my life started to change for the better and has had a positive impact on my own children and my marriage. I had almost no knowledge of God and His Word , it was not part of my childhood and due to this not part of my life. This is the case with the majority of Americans and it is our down fall. This is not a issue of color, it is an issue of godliness which affects all, regardless of race. Thank you Mr. Marcus

  3. September 9, 2019 at 8:53 am

    I had made a previous comment in regards to the evil we see today and hypothesized that the turning away from God started when churches decided that God was wrong and we could divorce for any reason. In hindsight, I can take this further back then that. Slavery which includes indentured servants, people of all races. The churches of that day turned a blind eye or worse yet, condoned the treatment of these people, going against the Word of God. How? God is very clear in His instructions of the treatment of people who were called slaves in the Old Testament. They were to be treated very well, they also were to be released at the 7 year Jubilee(I think that is what it is called) and provided resource to get on their feet. Slave women were not to be used as sexual objects, in fact , if a slave owner desired a slave woman he was to marry her. In other words, slaves were to be treated as human beings, with respect and love and released from their bondage at a specific time. Greed drove slavery and indentured servants(which was just another word for slavery) . Slavery was engaged in by both whites and blacks, whose hearts were evil, pursing not God but money.

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