I Have My ‘Trump 2020’ Cap!

Quoting the Pointer Sisters’ song, “I’m So Excited,” my “Trump 2020” cap arrived in the mail.  I am not a red cap–wearing kind of guy.  But desperate times require desperate measures.  Trump must be re-elected.

For over two years, the Deep State attempted a silent coup to remove Trump via the Mueller special council.  Their illegal scam failed.  Without fear of punishment for their crimes, the enraged Deep State is now trying to remove Trump by absurdly claiming he obstructed justice.  These people are relentless and evil.law, 

If Trump is not re-elected, Democrats will pass a law to kill babies after they are born.  Sharia law will gain more strongholds in our culture.  Our economy will tank due to job-killing crazy green policies.  Single-payer health care will empower Democrats to dictate who lives and who dies.  The LGBTQ agenda will be forced down our throats.  Reading and quoting the Bible will be illegal.  These are not exaggerations, folks.  All of these anti-freedom and anti-Christian initiatives are being pushed right now by Democrats.  President Trump is the main obstacle, courageously standing in their way.

The Democrats have become the party of full-blown lawlessness.  Democrat-controlled sanctuary cities boldly break our immigration laws.  Democrats encourage illegals to break our immigration laws at the border.  Jussie Smollett broke the law by staging a fake hate crime attack on himself.  Insidiously, the NAACP Image Awards (Democrats) have nominate Smollett for an Image Award.

Given this climate of unpunished Democrat lawless behavior, leftists feel emboldened to physically attack Trump-supporters with impunity.  Democrat anarchists are beating up seniors, women, blacks, and anyone else caught showing support for Trump.

Fake news media under-reported and gave very little rebuke for the kidnapping and torture of a Trump-supporter.  To sell the lie that Trump-supporters are violent white supremacists, Democrats hired thugs to pretend to be violent Trump-supporters at Trump rallies. 

While in Walmart, I saw a wheelchair-bound elderly white gentleman wearing a white MAGA cap with gold stars on it.  I said, “I like that hat.”  With a grin, he stuck out his hand and said, “You’re all right, partner!”  We enthusiastically shook hands.  His wife, pushing his wheelchair, smiled.

My wife Mary shot a short fun video of me celebrating the arrival of my “Trump 2020” cap.  Please enjoy.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American
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1 comment for “I Have My ‘Trump 2020’ Cap!

  1. Renee
    April 2, 2019 at 4:36 am

    President Trump is a true American and always has been. Even when he was an avowed Democrat. He is the enemy of the Communist left now. Who have devoted all of their time trying to deligitimize the status of white heterosexual Christian men. After the two term, tyrannical reign of Obama and his anti-American, anti-CHRISTIAN, anti-white heterosexual white male, anti-law enforcement and anti-morality dictatorship.

    It is this hostile platform which has now become part of Obama’s corrupt, presidential legacy and his loyal minions in both politica parties, the fake news media, Hollyweird, the FBI, the CIA and DOJ, are still doung his evil bidding. Whie enacting every form of personal attack. In order to take down our president.

    I said it before and I’ll say it again; placing Obama into office was one of the worse things in which most American voters could have done. Because it his racial make up and Mohammedan identity which is triggering his supporters to enact such violent and personal attacks against President Trump. Identity politics is now the mandate in which the Democrat left will base the future direction of our nation upon their unqualified candidates.

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