The LGBTQ Hart Attack Is a Good Thing

While I am not suggesting that we should experience schadenfreude, the LGBTQ enforcers attempt to viciously destroy the career of comedian/actor Kevin Hart for tweets he made nine years ago is encouraging. Finally, even leftists are beginning to see the take-no-prisoners intolerance and bullying LGBTQ enforcers have been applying to everyone who does not celebrate their lifestyle.

Many of us have been sounding the alarm for years that LGBTQ enforcers are relentlessly targeting Christian businesses for destruction; solely for the purpose of forcing Christians to betray their God by bending a knee in worship of leftists’ god of debauchery.

German pastor Martin Niemoller was imprisoned in Dachau concentration camp from 1941-1945. In his famous poem, Niemoller laments that when they came for the Communists, Socialists, Trade Unionists, and Jews he did not speak out because he was none of these. Niemoller wrote, “And when they came for me, there was no one left to speak out.”

Not only did leftists not speak out against LGBTQ bullying, they cheered when LGBTQ bullies came for Sweet Cakes by Melissa. The Christian bakery happily served their lesbian customers for several years. When they asked them to bake a cake for her lesbian wedding, the owners said to do so would betray their faith. The husband and wife bakery owners with five kids were driven out of business.

Well now, LGBTQ enforcers have come for Kevin Hart who many leftists consider one of their own.

Leftist Snoop Dogg, who shot president Trump in the head in his music video passionately expressed his support for Hart. Several leftist celebs are expressing their support for Hart. As I stated, the good news for America in the Hart attacks is leftists are waking up and smelling the tyranny coming from their side of the political aisle by LGBTQ enforcers.

“The Devil’s greatest achievement is convincing people that he does not exist.” LGBTQ enforcers’ greatest achievement and deception is convincing people they are the victims and we, mainstream Americans, are the aggressors.

Kevin Hart was scheduled to host the Oscars. In a video, Hart said, “I swear man, our world is becoming beyond crazy. My team calls me, Oh my God Kevin. The world is upset about tweets you did years ago. Oh my God.” LGBTQ enforcers deemed Hart’s nine-year-old tweets anti-homosexual.

Hart received a call from the Academy telling him to apologize again for his old tweets or be replaced as host of the Oscars. Hart said he has repeatedly addressed the issue and acknowledged the rights and wrongs. Hart said he has evolved since making the tweets years ago. Hart said to apologize again for something so far in the past would be a step backwards rather than moving forward. Therefore, hechose to pass on hosting the Oscars.

The American left’s response was mixed. Many rallied behind Hart. Others were furious over Hart refusing to apologize, calling him defiant. Leftist Kathy Griffin disturbed millions with her photo in which she held a bloody severed head of president Trump. In response to Hart refusing to apologize again, Griffin said, “F*** him”.

Hart did not realize that LGBTQ enforcers have zero-tolerance for anyone who does not fully embrace the lifestyle. Anyone who dares to dis the LGBTQ lifestyle in the slightest must fall on his face and beg forgiveness or suffer complete personal destruction.

Many Americans believe the LGBTQ community is 23% or more of the population. The truth is, they are 3.4 percent.

Witnessing LGBTQ enforcers’ relentless media assault on Hart and their efforts to destroy him, I could not help thinking, “Welcome to our world, Mr. Hart.” This is the tyrannical assault on free speech Americans face every day by the LGBTQ thought police. Again, I take no pleasure in seeing Mr. Hart suffer.

It was stunning to hear even extreme leftist Joy Behar and leftist women on The View say the attack on Hart puts all comedians at risk. Numerous other high-profile leftist voices are speaking out in agreement.

Folks, LGBTQ enforcers attacking Hart is a real eye-opener for many Americans — a small victory in the war between totalitarian political correctness and constitutional free speech.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American
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2 comments for “The LGBTQ Hart Attack Is a Good Thing

  1. b.a. freeman
    December 27, 2018 at 12:36 am

    there are LGBTQ enforcers on the left, but there are also other enforcers found there, and all of them are gunning for christians. they are willing to tolerate christianity, so long as christians only worship silently and out of sight, and when in public, make obeisance to the causes of the Party.

    the hard left took over university education in the u.s. in the 1970s; by the 1990s, they had conquered the rest of the “education” industry. young people are no longer taught critical thinking other than in the context of STEM fields, and those few are encouraged to think of it as only applicable in those fields, not to real life. education consists of little more than indoctrination in leftist thought. we weren’t paying attention, and believed that the insanity was confined to university campuses. when i was a young man, most students quietly went along with whatever b.s. the leftists spouted so as to avoid trouble, but it never occurred to me that those who came after me, not having had the benefit of actual education, would soak up the leftist lies like sponges. and the end result of decades of these lies is a society that looks out for number 1 at the expense of all else (“if it feels good, do it!” “if U’re not with the one U love, love the one U’re with!” etc.); unsurprisingly, morality, which requires obedience to a higher power (God) and deals in terms of absolutes rather than 50 shades of gray, is rapidly dying out. and an uncivil and self-involved populace will ignore the “greater good” of helping their neighbors and fellow citizens, leaving the nation and local community to rot. the left will be ready to seize power at the very end, when it will have become virtually impossible to carry out the chores of daily life … the way it almost always happens when the left takes power.

    it was mal-education that got us into this mess, and it will take *true* education to get us out. the left, in a perhaps intentional move to add another nail to the coffin of the body politic, is also inviting hordes of muslims into the nation. ~10% of all muslims are pious, which means that they ask, “WWMD?” (“M” = muhammed) to solve moral dilemmas; muhammed, unfortunately, was a slaver, a sex slaver, and a murderer, among other reprehensible things, so pious muslims hate non-muslims. if we only had to worry about the hard-core left, we would have a super-human task before us to rescue the republic; with pious muslims added to the mix, we have an sisyphean task. in fact, i would say that it is all but undeniable that we face a God-sized task to rescue the nation.

    ever since i was saved some 33 years ago, i have been praying that the u.s. return to God, asking for a revival, and that it begin with me. once i discovered that islam was but a gangsta cult, i began praying for muslims, the primary victims of this poisonous cult. i’m just one man, but God is not a man, and may actually be working on both of those issues. it may be that He is bringing muslims to the u.s. for christians to be able to reach them for Him, in spite of the danger posed by the pious among them, and that by letting the nation be set up to fall to the control of the left, He may be setting up a God-sized solution that will be obvious to all. i could also be totally off, and the world in 40 years may not have a u.s., or very many republics at all. no matter what happens, however, i pray that His will be done, because it is perfect, and will work towards bringing the maximum possible number of people into His sheltering arms.

    • Carolyn Pfanner
      January 10, 2019 at 5:06 pm

      BA. Freeman is right on about the erosion of morality in our education system–Common Core–has been a real wedge for that–and it continues as California proposes the “Healthy Youth Act” which proposes to teach kindergarteners through third graders about transgenderism. As they proceed through school they propose to teach the wonders of multiple sex partners, (with associated STD’s), the boredom of faithful relationships, the necessity of abortion, and more.. Yet facts show that transgender children have a higher rate of depression, suicide, drug addiction and alcoholism. A HEALTHY YOUTH ACT this is NOT!!

      Thank you, Lloyd, for the information from Dr. Cretella, I will include it in my objections to the proposed law.

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