DNC: Emanating a Putrid Smell Across America

Lloyd Marcus NSB Trump Signs

At my local gym using an aerobic machine, I saw on TV Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood, speaking at the DNC. Seeing this despicable, cold, calculating, and evil woman at the podium defined the Democrat party as the source of the putrid smell spreading across our country. The DNC emanated the foul odor of America’s moral decline. Richards is running a national dead-baby-body-parts chop shop. And yet, this vile woman had the audacity to deceptively portray herself as an advocate for women and Trump as anti-woman. 

Cecile Richards DNCAfter the release of numerous undercover videos exposing the horrors and illegality happening behind the walls of Planned Parenthood, why on earth would the Democrats gift the abortion factory’s president with hero status at their national convention?

Rev. Joseph Prince says a key component of spiritual warfare is to relax and trust God. In other words, lay your burdens at God’s feet and trust Him to make things right. Mary and I decided to have a spiritual warfare day, relaxing at New Smyrna Beach, FL. Note: we stay close to the shore in shallow water. Shark attacks at New Smyrna are up.

We posted “Trump” signs on the beach beside our tent. Responses from people driving and walking on the beach were overwhelmingly positive; 99% in favor of Trump; honks and thumps up. Some yelled, “Make America great again!” Clearly, that theme really resonates.

A tall muscular white guy approached our tent. He was a tourist from South Carolina. He said our Trump sign renewed his faith in Florida. As we chatted about the decline of our country, it became obvious that he was a Christian. He asked if we could pray together for our country. Mary and I jumped at the opportunity. We joined hands as he led us in prayer. It was awesome. Very cool. After he left, it dawned on me that we never exchanged names.

Comfy in my beach chair, I read, You Can If You Think You Can by Norman Vincent Peale. Upon reading the following passage, I thought, Oh my gosh, this book was published back in 1984. And yet, Peale’s statement perfectly describes and rebukes the mindset of Bernie Sanders disciples and the message Democrats are using to con Americans at their national convention.

Peale wrote:

“One wonders what has come over this great, free country. We are the descendants of a once great breed of men who had problems and had them plenty. But did they whine and whimper and crawl through life on their hands and knees piteously demanding of some so-called benevolent government that they be taken care of? Not on your life! They stood solidly on their feet and they took care of themselves. And they built the greatest economy in the history of the world — one that has made available more goods and services to more people than any other in the long life of mankind on earth.”

Peale succinctly explained my repulsion against the Democrats. They have successfully brainwashed far too many Americans into believing they are victims; they are owed; they are weak and they cannot make it without daily sucking on the breast of government. Bernie Sanders supporters eat that crap up.

Also contributing to the putrid smell emanating from the DNC is the party’s aggressive attempts to divide Americans into victimized camps, repeal more personal freedoms, spread hate for traditional values and spread hate for cops. Their convention flat out stinks to high heaven, folks.

As a matter of fact, Rush Limbaugh offered Trump the script for an extremely effective short speech.

“Black Lives Matter, New Black Panthers, Occupy Wall Street, stripping God from their party platform, transgender bathroom advocates, pro-death panels in health care, baby butchers at Planned Parenthood, a candidate who violated the Espionage Act thousands of times, pedophiles, illegal immigrants, Sharia law Muslims, Marxists! That’s the modern day Democrat Party,” and you close it with a simple ending: “It’s time to clean up this mess.

“We deserve better. Let them manage their own affairs. Thank you, God bless you, and God bless America.”

Folks, Rush nailed it. This is the modern Democrat Party. Disgusting.

Hillary +blacks at DNCJust when you thought the depravity of the Democrats could not descend any deeper into the pits of hell, this act broke the needle on my evil-meter. The Democrats featured the mothers of black men killed by police. In essence, the Democrats poured a boatload of gasoline on the flames of hatred for cops. They had to know that featuring the moms would further the lie that cops murder blacks and inspire the assassination of more cops. 

Clearly, the Democrats deem the lives of our brave men and women in blue acceptable collateral damage in their quest to secure the black vote for Hillary. It is hard to believe that such evil is being spread by a major political party in the United States of America.

I am passionately campaigning for Trump. For those who see little difference between Trump and Hillary, Americans have died due to decisions made by Hillary. Clearly, her personal political ambitions and agenda take priority over American lives. That is really scary. Staying home or writing in another candidate, in essence, equals giving this wicked, wicked woman, and her Democratic minions our WH. This is the simple, obvious truth. God bless.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American

Chairman: The Conservative Campaign Committee


5 comments for “DNC: Emanating a Putrid Smell Across America

  1. Barbie
    July 31, 2016 at 12:02 pm

    Lloyd, thank you for your articles on the waywardness of half of this country. We, the other half, must become crusaders. You nailed it about the stench emanating from the Democrats. Anyone associated with that party is a de facto supporter. Good people need to rethink their choices and remove themselves from evil.

    I think it is very important for us, and I am a Catholic who continues to learn her faith, to take succor from God’s promises and have a heart filled with joy. I do differ in how we live that out. St. Augustine of Hippo says this: Pray as though everything depended on God. Work as though everything depended on you.

    Of course, we must rest and refuel but we should never just leave the work all up to God; in this life we must strive to know Him, to love Him and to serve Him. We must purposely seek His will and then accomplish it.

    • Bob Russell
      July 31, 2016 at 5:24 pm

      Barbie, very well put. I write blog articles and often call on people to turn to God for guidance and I agree the legwork is up to us.

  2. Bob Russell
    July 31, 2016 at 5:22 pm

    Lloyd, I always enjoy your commentaries and admire you for being a proud un-hyphenated American. I am also un-hyphenated and a staunch conservative evangelical Christianbut I am of beige skin color. I am not white, Michael Jackson was white and he looked like an albino scarecrow. God bless you,


  3. Kelly
    August 1, 2016 at 8:52 am

    Brilliant article. First read your article on American Thinker and was so moved by the reminder concerning spiritual warfare, that I surfed on to your website to thank you. Its always mind-boggling how the Holy Spirit can leave reminder post-it-notes in the most unexpected of places. Reading your article was like a cool drink of water on a parched tongue, staving off what I call the “Elijah syndrome”.The “Elijah syndrome” is that deep discouragement that soon arrives when one takes their eyes off of the Father and onto the world’s current events and the temporary prosperity of the godless to the determent of all around them. Your article was a gentle reminder that, though I can’t see it, God is faithful and will always keep for himself a remnant. We are never alone. Thank you for being a message bearer.

  4. Not a closet Republican
    August 3, 2016 at 1:43 pm

    This is my response to a delegate taking down the Mississippi flag:
    http://www.50states.com/flag/msflag.htm It was the Dixiecrats, the Democrats, that were racist and hung and murdered Republican blacks and whites during Reconstruction. They should apologize.

    Planned Parenthood has exploited minorities and low-income women for years. It never stopped with Margaret Sanger. PP has made a mint selling aborted baby parts. They need to apologize as well and offer settlements to all they made money off of. PP was and still is racist and classist.

    In the latest wiki leak that the Donkeys were also behind Florida and LA pride attacks http://theblacksphere.net/2016/08/email-leaks-highest-level-treason/
    Orlando and LA Gay Parade aggressions were Inside jobs:
    are the incidents manufactured with the intent of harsher gun control laws?
    Yes. They gay bar attacks were inside jobs.
    That’s definitely homophobia and beyond.

    So the Democrat party is guilty of 1) violation of freedom of speech 2)murder due to race and party affiliation 3)coerced abortion for extra cash and 4) murder (for the sake of gun control?) And this party professes to be about human rights?The stench is strong indeed. I feel nauseated

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