As a Black Conservative, Should I Be Afraid?

I thought, “This is crazy”. Despite numerous attempts to convince myself that what I was feeling was absurd, the Lloyd Stage Eola Tea Partytingle in my stomach persisted. Black conservative, Kenneth Gladney was beaten by SEIU (Service Employee International Union) thugs for selling buttons at a Town Hall meeting in St Louis. Gladney’s beating included racial slurs. He spent two days in the emergency room.

President Obama gave marching orders to union thugs, ACORN and his followers to “push back harder” and “get in the faces” of American citizens who oppose his Health Care bill.

I have been very outspoken in my national columns opposing Obama’s far left agenda. Beginning late August, I am touring nationally with

As a black conservative, or “an Uncle Tom stupid “N” as I’ve been called, will my punishment be particularly severe?

I keep telling myself, “Lloyd get a grip. Physical intimidation politics is not the American Way”.

Horrendously, President Obama has disdain for the American Way. He prefers, the Chicago Way.

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2 comments for “As a Black Conservative, Should I Be Afraid?

  1. Shadowblitz70
    August 17, 2009 at 3:35 am

    I truly fear for you, my fellow American. I would NOT want to be in your shoes. You will probably have the NAACP, Acorn, SEIU, Secret Service and God knows who-all else knocking on your door very soon, to have a “talk” with you behind the woodshed.
    However, you make me proud that you are an American who is seeing things not through the color of his own skin, but by what is right and wrong, whats good for America and what is not. We are told that we should be color blind, and that race shouldnt be an issue, but who keeps bringing it up? heres a hint: How many people voted for Obama simply because hes BLACK (actually hes not but we wont tell them that) and not because of his policies? Id say the number is probably pushing 75%. The amount of people in this country who ACTUALLY believe the crap that comes out of his mouth is actually quite small. (Its a proven statistic that the MAJORITY of this country is conservative, despite what the media would have you believe.) Ill even bet most of the people and the media that back him so fervently dont even really buy his crap. If Obama’s name was John Smith and was white as new driven snow, he wouldnt have been given the time of day by anyone, including the media. Think Im wrong? Go look at the support they gave Clinton, Kerry and Gore. All 3 combined they dont touch the support Obama had financially or in his media coverage. There was even an OBAMA CHANNEL in my satellite menu, before the election, for Gods sake. Where was our “conservative candidate” channel? They blew Hillary out before Obama even had the primaries won.

    But everytime I hear someone described as a “black conservative”, it gives me hope.
    Hope that not everyone out there is going insane, or are all borderline retarded and narrow minded. I say going insane, or are all borderline retarded because thats what you have to be to not see what works and what doesnt after 200+ years as a country, and yet people continue to vote in lawmakers with policies THAT DONT WORK. Whats the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over again yet expecting different results. Im off my soapbox now, and good luck to you, God bless.

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