Cruz: Lloyd and the Gang in Indiana

Our Conservative Campaign Committee team members, my wife Mary and I drove 8 hours yesterday from Pennsylvania headed to Indiana, the next state in our battle for Ted Cruz. More team members will fly in to join us.

Remember the Beverly Hillbillies move to Beverly, a pile of luggage was secured to the roof of our SUV. Mary and I were in the furthest back seat crunched together with campaign signs, our banner for our sign waves, materials to decorate our war room and assorted other stuff. Team members had a good laugh watching me do calisthenics to get my blood flowing during one of our gas and potty stops. Dinner last night during our lay-over in Chicago was authentic Chicago pizza, the most amazing that I have ever eaten.

Folks, our campaigning state to state is not glamorous. It is grueling, I believe divinely inspired and extremely heartfelt. Our team, made up of select patriots across America, simply desire what is best for our country.

During our drive, I had my ear-buds in my ears listening to Rush’s radio show on my phone. Rush talked about the Trump tsunami. Summarizing Rush, he said it seems many voters do not care that Trump has flip-flopped on issues because they believe he will stay true to issues that they believe matter most like making America great and securing our borders.

What disturbs me about their mindset is they obviously do not realize the depths of the Left’s assault on our culture. With Trump, Hillary or Bernie in the WH Planned Parenthood will continue chopping up babies and selling their body parts, Christians will routinely be thrown in jail for not baking cakes for same-sex weddings and the indoctrination of our kids will escalate to being taught that homosexual relationships and parenting are superior to heterosexual.

Ted Cruz is the only candidate who gets it. He will fight for America’s best interest, secure our borders, defend religious liberty and freedom.

Cruz selecting Carly Fiorina as his VP was a wonderful choice that our CCC team suspected was coming months ago witnessing their chemistry at rallies/events in Wisconsin. One of Cruz’s little girls accompanied Carly to the stage holding “aunt” Carly’s hand. She wanted to sit on Carly’s lap, but the TV show was about to begin. Off camera, we observed Carly and Cruz’s wife Heidi chatting; clearly a relaxed comfortable vibe between Carly and Cruz’s entire family.

Today, we are traveling to Indiana. First stop is a sign wave on a busy street corner. Then, we will attend a Cruz rally. I will report back to you guys later.

Folks, my CCC and I are in this battle to make Ted Cruz our GOP nominee all the way to the finish line. I could not approach this campaign from any other perspective than putting not just the best conservative, but the best man in the Oval Office. Hands down, that man is Ted Cruz. May God help us.

God bless, Lloyd

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American
Chairman: The Conservative Campaign Committee

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  1. Lisa Barry
    April 28, 2016 at 4:43 pm

    Lloyd, you and your crew are true Patriots! You all deserve a medal of honor for your unending fight for liberty! I love and admire you so much, though we have never met! I feel all freedom loving Patriots share a common goal and that creates a bond that reaches across the miles! God bless you, sir, and may He bless your efforts and our prayers for this great country!

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