Voter Fraud: We See Dead People

Sharron Angle 2It’s true folks. Patriot sister Sharron “Braveheart” Angle has taken on battling voter fraud; sounding the alarm that it is running rampant in America. What good is winning the hearts and minds of voters if we allow Democrats to steal elections?

Sharron suffered the devastation of election corruption when she almost defeated Harry Reid in 2010. Illegals voted for Harry Reid.  There is evidence that Reid possibly stole the election from Sharron Angle using dead voters, people in prison and illegals.

Romans 8:28 says “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to His purpose.” I suspect Sharron’s painful loss has made her a passionate crusader; committed to cleaning up the electoral process.

Remember the Black Panther Party thugs who stood outside the polls armed with clubs? Though charged with voter intimidation, Obama’s DOJ arrogantly and without apology outrageously dropped the charges because the perpetrators were black. Can you believe that folks? Meanwhile, Obama looks down his morally superior nose at us, proclaiming himself a defender of equal justice.

South Carolina’s attorney general found evidence that at least 900 dead people voted in an election. Philadelphia flagged 50,000 duplicate registrations. Voting machines are changing peoples’ votes. A voter was caught registering six times. Meanwhile, Democrats act outraged and seek to shackle and flog Republicans in the public square for suggesting that all Americans must show a photo ID to vote; claiming it is an evil racist Republican plot to disenfranchise black voters. Fearlessly, along with fighting voter fraud, Sharron has a Voter ID initiative.

As an American who happens to be black, I am highly insulted. In essence, Democrats are saying it is too challenging for us poor inferior simpleminded blacks to find our way to the DMV or other places to acquire a photo ID. It frustrates me that fellow black Americans remain blind to the truth that Democrats consistently talk down to them. Presented as compassion and fairness, Democrats always seek to lower expectations and standards for blacks; inferring that we are inferior. But, I digress.

Sharron Angle is leading the charge to stop voter fraud, producing “Not On My Watch”, a 90 minute documentary scheduled for nationwide release in theaters June 2016.  The documentary will show undeniable evidence of voter fraud and smart ways to stop it. I’m excited folks.

Angle believes her documentary will be an integral part of a win for Constitutional Conservatism in 2016. She believes it will inspire voters to go to the polls and vote and volunteer to be eyes on the process.

True-the-Vote plans to have 1,000,000 trained citizens as poll watchers in place across America on Election Day 2016.

Sharron’s documentary is a grassroots, We the People project folks. She needs your help to git-r-done. Please go to the website and do whatever you can.

Sharron has an LLC to take big donations that will fund the completion of the documentary with returns on those investments of $20,000 or more.

2 out of 3 American voters are wisely concerned about the serious problem of voter fraud; Democrats stealing the 2016 presidential election. We simply cannot allow that to happen folks. Every America loving voter must proclaim, “Not on my watch!”

Freedom and the integrity of our electoral process are under siege, hanging in the balance. All-hands-on-deck folks. Please, please, please rally behind our brave sister Sharron Angle; leading an army of patriots on her white horse, her sword-of-faith held high in the air while yelling, “Freedom-m-m-m!!!”

This presidential election is about changing the ungodly course that our country is on; crucial to the survival of our founding father’s vision of America. We must not tolerant honest election vote counters saying, “We see dead people.”

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American
Chairman: The Conservative Campaign Committee

3 comments for “Voter Fraud: We See Dead People

  1. Cynthia
    February 4, 2016 at 2:03 am

    God bless you, Lloyd! And God help us all.

  2. February 4, 2016 at 3:41 am

    You will like this satire article I wrote about “deceased voters” just prior to the 2012 election.

    I guarantee it will make you laugh. It even mentions our “final exit pollster”, St. Pete.

  3. JC Penny
    February 6, 2016 at 7:13 pm


    I love your site. I love your perspective. And I love you as a fellow American… of various descent. However, I have to bring a painful perspective to your commentary:

    Americans of African descent support Democrats 80% (to 110%) of the time and parrot their purported puppeteers at least as much regarding “racist” laws that would require everyone to prove eligibility. On the surface, it’s easy to say that there is nothing more descriptive of that behavior than simply, STUPID. That’s the way the DNC views them. But women and Millennials display the same characteristic. Why?

    It’s not just STUPID. It’s self-serving. It’s the politics of Envy. And it’s antithetical to what you and I consider the bedrock of American values.

    Proving that you are eligible to vote is an obvious baseline for anyone that is altruistic, honest, and considers the democratic process the best of all attempted. However, if you perceive the idea of voting as a way to get something from someone else without earning it, or a way to make you feel better, etc., then you tend to favor policies that pad your singular vote to support those selfish, shortsighted, and emotionally perverted desires.

    All attempts to create a pure electorate, void of collusion and corruption (Voter ID Laws) will be a dismal failure until the deplorable culture decay is stopped in our America.

    Keep at it, though. I’m doubtful the current decay in American societal norms will end any other way than it has in the plethora of lost civilizations we precede

    History (immune to revision) is ruthlessly clear on this.

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