PP and MSM condemning decent Americans: Oh, please!

Planned-Parenthood-Video-700x451The other day I thought of Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos.  Many of you have probably forgotten who they are.  Most likely, a majority have never heard of them.  Liu and Ramos are two NYPD police officers assassinated in their police car late last year; shot in the head while eating lunch by a Black Lives Matter enforcer.

Officer Ramos’s 13-year-old son, Jaden, posted an extremely moving tribute to his dad on FB. Today, I had to say bye to my dad.” 

In Texas, Deputy Darren Goforth, husband and father of two children, 5 and 12, was shot at point-blank range in the back of the head while pumping gas into his patrol car.  The BLM black shooter admitted he took out Deputy Goforth because he was in uniform

These are just a few of numerous attacks on cops and whites across America, in which assailants proudly proclaimed their motivation to be BLM’s war on cops and whites.  And yet, the BLM attacks on whites are purposely unreported, along with the epidemic of black-on-black violence.  Ironically, murders and shootings are highest in Democrat-controlled cites that have the toughest gun laws. 

For example: in Chicago over the Thanksgiving weekend, 30 people were shot, and 8 died.  Was this widely reported nationally?  Heck, no.  And yet every rare occasion in which a cop kills a black, regardless of the circumstances, is broadcast 24/7, made front-page news.

This year, Baltimore broke its 43-year record for murders, mostly black on black. 

What do we want  Dead CopsUnder-reported was the BLM rally in which BLM zealots marched down a New York street chanting, “What do we want?  Dead Cops!  When do we want it?  Now!” 

I bet you are unfamiliar with hashtag “#killacop.”

Hollywood director Quentin Tarantino was at a BLM anti-cop rally, throwing gasoline on the crowd’s fires of hate and revenge by calling cops murderers of blacks

I can pretty much guarantee that the TMZ-watching low-info-voters in my family have not heard about the video in which a black supremacist sent out a clarion call to BLM followers that it is open season on killing cops and crackers (white people). 

For the most part, the mainstream media and Democrats have sided with BLM, hiding the hate group’s violent intentions from the public.  As a matter of fact, mainstream media and Democrats are active participants in the hate group’s campaign to demonize America’s police.

Thus, you can imagine how repulsive it is to watch Democrats, the mainstream media (MSM), and Planned Parenthood arrogantly acting superior, as though they have the moral high ground to condemn decent Americans.  These leftist zealots supportive of killing babies are trying to blame all who oppose abortion for the actions of a nutcase shooter at a PP dead baby body parts processing facility.

Even after the release of numerous undercover videos exposing the shocking truth that Planned Parenthood has been illegally and callously harvesting dead baby body parts for profit, PP remains defiant.  The latest undercover video catches an abortion doctor selling prized aborted baby heads.

Undeterred, the mainstream media and Democrats remain rock-solid in their loyalty to PP.  Remember, Democrats and mainstream media are secular progressive disciples.  Abortion is their holy sacrament – must kill babies to save the planet (Goddess Earth).

Watching vile PP executives on TV condemning decent Americans is stomach-turning.  The same mainstream media, Democrats, and PP executives who ignore the obvious connection between BLM and the murder of cops and whites are all over TV blaming Christians, conservative talk radio, and pro-life advocates for the actions of one crazy man. 

The arrogance of these hypocritical, evil vipers giving BLM a pass while condemning conservatives and Christians tells you everything you need to know about secular progressive zealots.

My fellow Americans, mainstream media, Democrats, and PP executives are unworthy of our respect.  Therefore, we should not allow ourselves to be put on the defensive or intimidated by them.  We must double down on challenging and defeating the evil of the mainstream media, Democrats, and PP.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American
Chairman: Conservative Campaign Committee

2 comments for “PP and MSM condemning decent Americans: Oh, please!

  1. Not a closet Republican
    December 5, 2015 at 4:23 am

    I think PP’s time has come. Because of them, I’m no longer pro-choice-I’m between pro-life and pro-choice-if a woman really needs an abortion it should be legal but as a last resort and a one time thing. She should also be told about other options beforehand.

    Far too many aboritons are being performed. Condoms are a cheap, effective way to prevent unwanted pregnances-no federal funding or special building required. Surprise pregnancies can be a source of joy and teen mothers fare no worse than adult moms.

    i just can’t support an organization that grew out of eugenics and sterilization of blacks and were exploiting would be moms be selling their fetuses without their consent. Sick! Somebody soon I will become pro-life. I wonder how many other people PP is converting besides me.

  2. Drew Klein
    December 5, 2015 at 1:08 pm

    Power starts at the top. As the first black President, Obama was in a unique position to reduce the racial divide in this country. Sadly, he did nothing but widen it by his numerous actions & speeches. My fear is that when he’s out of office he will continue his mandate toward more gun control rhetoric & reduce meaningful racial dialogue.

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