Georgia Conservatives Go Vote Today In Primary!

A Last Minute Push

We are making our last-minute “Get Out The Vote” push to ensure conservatives turn out and vote for Conservative Republican Karen Handel for U.S. Senate in Georgia.

The Conservative Campaign Committee is proud to endorse Conservative Republican Karen Handel – who is facing off against the more liberal candidate, wealthy businessman David Perdue.

As part of our last minute push we are targeting our message to 640,000 conservatives in Georgia  To step up our efforts we need to raise $1,750 this afternoon.

You can make a contribution to our Get Out The Vote campaign supporting Karen Handel online – JUST CLICK HERE.

This election is a critical test for conservatives.  The news media is watching to see whether voters will back a conservative like Karen Handel, or if they want to support a more liberal candidate such as David Perdue.  Polls show Karen Handel gaining on David Perdue:

Karen Handel has been endorsed by the Tea Party Express, Gov. Sarah Palin, the conservative organization She-PAC, Sen. Rick Santorum, the American Future Fund, the Susan B. Anthony List, the Gwinnett Tea Party, the Cherokee Tea Party, Erick Erickson, Concerned Women for America, Pro-Life Nation, and now the Conservative Campaign Committee.

Above:  Sarah Palin is one of many conservatives who have endorsed Karen Handel


Handel served as Georgia’s Secretary of State, advanced to the gubernatorial runoff in 2010, and made national headlines in her service with the Susan G. Komen foundation which fights breast cancer.  Handel discovered that funds were being diverted from breast cancer research to fund abortions at Planned Parenthood and so she took action to stop having Susan G. Komen funds siphoned off to Planned Parenthood – which caused a national firestorm among liberals.

“Karen Handel is a conservative hero who has stood on principle and shown tremendous courage as she has fought for conservative ideals,” declared Lloyd Marcus, Chairman of the Conservative Campaign Committee.

GET OUT THE VOTE: We are in the final stages of our Get Out The Vote effort targeting 640,000 conservatives in Georgia.  We are determined to get these conservatives out to the polls and voting for Karen Handel.

Again, to fully fund this effort we still must raise $1,750 this morning.  The timing is extremely urgent, so we need your support ASAP.

Please help us raise $1,750 to support our independent expenditure campaign to Get Out The Vote for Karen Handel.

You can help us fund our independent expenditure campaign to Get Out The Vote for Karen Handel by making a contribution online – HERE.


Or if you prefer you can mail a contribution to:

Conservative Campaign Committee

ATTN:  Karen Handel for Senate

P.O. Box 278855

Sacramento, CA 95827