Rooting for the Investor Next Door

The rock band renters of the house next door abandoned the property two years ago.  Braving the brutal Florida heat and humidity, a middle-aged Hispanic gentleman was cutting the tall grass and trimming the neglected lawn.  He was covered in sweat.  I welcomed my new neighbor with a bottled water.

Tony informed me that he and his brother purchased the house as an investment property which they hope to sell.  I thought, “Wow, good luck.  The rock band trashed the place before leaving.  It will take a lot of time, physical labor, and money to make this house marketable.  The real estate market in my small town is pretty much on life support.  My city’s fees and regulatory hoops for investors are anything but user-friendly.  Still, these guys, Tony and his brother, have the guts to go for it.”

For months, I have witnessed Tony and his brother working on their investment property: power-washing the driveway; cutting and trimming the lawn; draining the green, putrid water from the toad factory usually called a swimming pool; cutting and trimming the lawn; scrubbing the filthy walls of the swimming pool; cutting and trimming the lawn; and replacing doors, repairing the fence, and interior repairs…and cutting and trimming the lawn.  Florida grass grows quickly during the rainy season.

Several days a week, their truck is in the driveway, alerting me that Tony and/or his brother are working on their investment.  It looks like the brothers are prepping to paint the exterior.  One can only assume that budget constraints have forced Tony and his brother to do the work themselves.

I suspect that my new neighbor’s investment adventure came with a few unexpected sleepless nights, wondering, “Oh my gosh, what if this house does not sell?”

Tony and his brother are probably doing OK financially.  But they have decided to risk capital and sweat equity to build wealth beyond a weekly paycheck.  We use to celebrate such courageous entrepreneurial spirit — risk-takers pursuing a better life and future for their families and themselves.

A byproduct of risk-takers pursuing their dreams is their positive impact on the lives of others.  And yet, Obama has disdain for individual pursuits, calling them “white folks’ greed.”

Proverbs 13:22 says: “a good man leaves an inheritance for his children’s children[.]”  You can forget leaving much of an inheritance for your kids if Obama gets a second term.

Calling Socialism “fairness,” Obama vows to take from achievers and spread their earnings around equally.

OK, let’s say Tony and his brother are fortunate enough to sell their little house with the oversized and outdated swimming pool.  Obama will say to them, don’t go giving high fives or patting each other on the back.  You guys have done nothing to be proud of. “If you have a small business, you didn’t build that,” says Obama.

As a matter of fact, Obama and the Democratic Party view Tony and his brother as exploiters, using government roads and bridges to acquire ill-gotten wealth on the backs of the poor.  Obama’s negative branding of small businessmen is designed to inspire hatred, causing his social/progressive base and duped Americans to cheer when he confiscates and redistributes the well-earned profits of Tony and his brother.

Brothers and sisters, I refuse to believe that a majority of Americans have jumped on Obama’s “Hate Small Businessmen” bandwagon.  I am pulling for Tony and his brother — praying that they succeed.

Mary and I have always loved and admired people who “go for it.”  People are notorious for attempting to convince you to embrace their flawed paradigms.  Because they failed for whatever reasons, they proclaim that you will fail as well.  It takes courage to pursue your dreams, especially when family and friends call you a fool.

For years, we celebrated courageous risk-takers at our annual “Lloyd & Mary’s Island Party.”  We averaged two hundred guests.  Each year, we would give a “Sky’s The Limit” award to three guests who had the courage to pursue their dreams.  It felt wonderful and inspired many.

Satanically, we have a president whose main re-election strategy is to rally Americans to hate achievers and anyone who has more than they do — defaming risk-takers as reckless and greedy.

This is not who we are as Americans!  As a people, Americans are good, extremely generous, compassionate, and character-driven.  We still celebrate excellence, courage, honor, and hard work.

Despite Obama’s best efforts, a majority of Americans do not believe that Mitt Romney is the spawn of Satan because he is rich.

Thank God, achieving mega-wealth is not yet a crime in America.  Ask Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jordan, and Tiger Woods, just to name a few.  These mega-millionaires simply pursued their dreams, resulting in positively impacting the lives of millions.

The outcome of November’s election is far more important than deciding which man resides in the White House.  It will define or redefine who we are as Americans.

Through my storm door, I see Tony — cutting the grass and trimming the lawn.

Lloyd Marcus, Unhyphenated American

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  1. Nancy Taylor
    August 20, 2012 at 1:45 pm

    Lloyd, I just read a piece by you saying you don’t know how to get the word out to blacks who blindly follow Obama and the Democrat Party. I know of one way. I live in Charleston, SC where, like most Southern cities, there are many people who are well-educated and many who are not. Most blacks support Obama. Here in the South, we are still a church-going lot. And church is where black politics is preached. You would make great inroads if you got strong, conservative black men to go to the black churches and tell the truth about these last 3 1/2 years. If you had a team of people to answer questions, that would be so much better. Perhaps you are already contributing to black literature such as newsletters, but that is another avenue.

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