The Stop Obama Bus Tour: Meet Lloyd Marcus!

Singer, Songwriter, Fine Artist, Writer & Proud to be an American Black Conservative

Marcus believes Conservatism is compassionate and is the true path to achieving the AmericanDream. Liberalism weakens the human spirit by encouraging people to view themselves as victims.

Lloyd’s Altruistic Projects
Seven year old Gabrielle LaVerde suffers with a rare fatal disease called Niemann-Pick Type C (Early Childhood Alzheimer’s). Life expectancy after diagnosis is 6-10 years. Lloyd is leading the charge to Save Gabi’s Life! Lloyd has lent his talents for numerous such projects over the years.

Lloyd Calls on All Singers to Save Gabi


Political Activism
Marcus believes Obama is wrong for America: unqualified, liberal and constantly criticizing America.

Fine Artist
Three of Lloyd’s paintings from his series titled, “STOREFRONTS: Reflections of Growing Up in his Preacher Dad’s East Baltimore Church”, achieved worldwide recognition went banned from a Florida city’s Black History Month Exhibit. Marcus’ art was banned for “religious themes”. Marcus filed a Federal lawsuite and won a victory for Freedom of Speech.

National Association for the Advancement of Conservative People of Color

Marcus is president of the NAACPC. Mission Statement:Support courageous conservatives of color fighting on the front line. Educate Americans to the truth that conservatism is essential for their success and the preservation of our great nation.