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Time for Christians to Politically Follow Jesus

They sit in their favorite pew, singing, “I Have Decided To Follow Jesus.”  Why do most of these Christian relatives choose to ignore Democrats’, fake news media’s, public education’s, and Hollywood’s war on marriage, God’s sex distinctions, innocent life, and Jesus?

Let’s Work Hard to Keep Montana’s Seat RED!

Hello My Fellow American Patriots! Support our campaign to turn Montana’s Senate seat RED at http://bit.ly/DefeatTester or make an urgent contribution to our Conservative Campaign Committee Midterm Election Fund at http://bit.ly/CCCContribute today. We have a lot to celebrate and it…

Vindictive Omarosa Furthers Trump-is-Racist Lie

I am black conservative Republican Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American; singer/songwriter of the Trump Train music video https://youtu.be/XKpesfFPK0U  and the American Tea Party Anthem https://youtu.be/q1byTDgu7iA   President Trump has black and Hispanic unemployment at historic lows. It is truly shameful that Ms Omarosa…

Facebook rejected Pro-America Christian July4 music video for “political content”

Facebook rejected this Pro-America Christian July4 music video for “political content” http://bit.ly/2u1wkrb  PLEASE Share to your friends and groups. “My fellow Americans my heart goes out for our country. We have fallen away from biblical principles and values which have made…

Debbie Lesko Interview with Lloyd Marcus in Arizona

Debbie Lesko for Congress! On-the-ground Interview with Lloyd Marcus The Unhyphenated American! at Bikers for Trump Rally for Debbie Lesko! Arizona! Special Election Arizona District 8 This Tuesday, August 24, 2018 Hello Patriots! Support our Independent Expenditure campaign at http://bit.ly/2HLM5co…

How The Left Devalues American Citizenship

On one occasion from my seat on stage, I saw an elderly gentlemen in a wheelchair who looked to be around 100 years old. When it came time for him to take his Oath of Allegiance, a great grandchild on both sides of him raised him to his feet. One grandchild held the gentleman’s right hand into the air as he tearfully recited his oath. The elderly gentleman’s entire family, standing behind him, were crying.

The Walmart Guy vs Anti-Capitalism Millennials

The Walmart guy’s work-ethic, self-reliance and pride in earning his own way is truly refreshing. The Obama Administration practically begged Americans, even non-citizens http://bit.ly/1ixsqOm, to get on food stamps and to apply for as many government freebies as possible.