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We Won! Cruz Takes Wisconsin!

In our War Room here in Wisconsin, our Conservative Campaign Committee team cheered and high-fived each other upon the announcement that Cruz won Wisconsin. While we were boots-on-the-ground, Cruz could not have won without support from grassroots patriots across the…

Cruz’s Brussels Response: What more do you need?

In response to the Islamic terrorist attack in Brussels, along with other commonsense solutions, Ted Cruz cited the success of the NYPD Muslim surveillance program. Well, the mainstream media and Democrat talking heads went nuts, launching their usual shock-and-awe attack…

URGENT: Cruz For Such a Time as This

These evangelicals are, in essence, saying God cannot use a washed-in-the-blood-of-Christ Christian to save America.
Believers rejecting such a clear obvious superior choice is a sad testimony of the state of the modern church. If Jesus came to America today and ran for office, how many Christians would deem Him extreme, polarizing and un-electable?