Lloyd Marcus The Unhyphenated American’s Christmas Video Gift to All

ARE YOU IN THIS MUSIC VIDEO? Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American’s Christmas Video Gift to His American Tea Party Family Please Share and Merry Christmas       Share and Enjoy Tweet

The Truth About Racial Profiling Is That Everyone Does It, Especially Leftists

My black brother who lives in Baltimore said something that has stuck with me. He said, “I am tired of having to show people (whites) that I am not like them (black thugs).” His comment was made to convince me that NFL players have valid…

Lloyd Marcus The Unhyphenated American, Defeat Doug Jones Alabama

Lloyd Marcus The Unhyphenated American expresses the urgency of defeating Doug Jones to prevent the horrific slaughter of babies   Share and Enjoy Tweet

Lloyd Marcus The Unhyphenated American Encouraging Alabamians

The Unhyphenated American, Lloyd Marcus encouraging Alabamians to get out and vote for Judge Roy Moore December 12th, 2017.                 Share and Enjoy Tweet

Attacking Judge Moore’s Morality Is a Dirty Leftist Trick

Black Christian Conservative Republican Lloyd Marcus here. I call upon all my fellow Christians not to abandon our brother Roy Moore who is running for U.S. Senate Alabama. Right before the election, 40-year-old sexual misconduct allegations have come out against…

Happy Veterans Day Brothers

I was drafted into the Army in 1969. God saw fit not to send me to Vietnam. Upon returning to Ft Bragg, NC from a two week leave, I learned that my entire battalion received orders for Vietnam except me…