The Left’s Lie: No One Gives a D*** about Blue Lives


Despite sending a zillion press releases, not one media outlet showed to cover our event.

Gratitude: Sorely Lacking in America Today


It occurred to me that unlike public education today, we received an excellent education at Brooklyn Park. Two of the handful of blacks in my graduating class became doctors. One black became a successful contractor. I became a graphic designer/art director.

Media Blackout Blue Lives Matter Celebration Event


+ Saturday, my amazing God-sent team pulled off our first powerful Blue Lives Matter Celebration event. Each celebrity guest spoke masterfully on their topic; educating and dispelling negative myths about our brave men and women in blue. Radio talk show…

LIVE STREAM TODAY – Lloyd Marcus’ Blue Lives Matter Celebration


Lloyd Marcus’ Blue Lives Matter Celebration LIVE streamed 11am on YouTube:

Celebrate the Blue this Saturday 9-10-2016


Daytona Beach FL Saturday, September 10th, it’s Lloyd Marcus’s fantastic Blue Lives Matter Celebration. Complete details on how to attend, and how you can help make this event a huge success… If you can’t attend in Daytona Beach FL, please…