The Gathering of Eagles musical tribute

At the September 15th Washington, DC Gathering of Eagles rally, Lloyd Marcus sang a song that filled the Eagles with so much pride and joy, the love spilled over into the streets of Washington. This is a tribute to the…

The Gathering of Eagles

Hot Air’s Michelle Malkin reports from the historic Gathering of Eagles counter-protest in Washington, DC ending with Lloyd’s acapella rendition of United We Stand. httpv:// Share and Enjoy Tweet

Can’t Afford The Sunshine

Lloyd’s original anti-illegal immigration music video. httpv:// Share and Enjoy Tweet

We Call Florida Home

httpv:// We Know why we call Florida home. We Love Florida. Lloyd captures the essence. All footage filmed here in Florida. Written and performed by Lloyd Marcus. Deltona Arts & Recording Studios Frank produced the music Filmed and edited by…

Ronnie Stayed The Same

Lloyd’s Ronald Reagan tribute. httpv:// Video by Herb Fogler Share and Enjoy Tweet

The New York Times: In Florida, A Town Seeks A Smile From Mother Nature

In Florida, a Town Seeks a Smile From Mother Nature By Abby Goodnough January 1, 2005 ELTONA, FL, DECEMBER 29 -It is a safe guess that all of Florida was ready to relegate 2004, with its freakishly active hurricane season,…