ORLANDO Tea Party 8-22-09

Lloyd Marcus & Hulk Hogan

Lloyd Marcus & Hulk Hogan

“Mr. Marcus, Thank you so much for emceeing the Orlando Tea Party. I was very impressed with your voice and the lyrics of your songs. All of us are striving for freedom, but those amongst us with the power to communicate are better suited to that cause. You can project our vision 10 times stronger than the majority of us without that gift. You are one of those people and you have my thanks.”
Brendan Dwyer

Hulk Hogan made a surprise appearance.

VIEW…. LLOYD MARCUS LIVE Kick Off of Orlando’s Tea Party!
“Livin’ In America”, audience participation
“TWENTY TEN”, Lovely Ladies high kicking chorus
“God Bless the USA”, Military servers join Lloyd Marcus on stage. Obama Can’t Take Our Freedom Away!


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