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Valentine’s Day: Grateful Shopping for Bathroom Flooring

Mary is my wife of 40 years.  A few weeks ago, we excitedly purchased a new bathroom vanity on sale.  We concluded that we should also replace the bathroom flooring.  Experiencing pain in her shoulder that got progressively worse daily, Mary saw a…

MLK Day 2018, Who ARE These People??!!

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God Forbid the Further Oprah-izing of America

The American left’s Oprah-mania about her running for president in 2020 is truly absurd.  What on Earth qualifies Oprah to run our country?  I do not consider myself White House material.  But if Oprah qualifies, I am a far superior candidate. Years ago,…

How The Left Devalues American Citizenship

On one occasion from my seat on stage, I saw an elderly gentlemen in a wheelchair who looked to be around 100 years old. When it came time for him to take his Oath of Allegiance, a great grandchild on both sides of him raised him to his feet. One grandchild held the gentleman’s right hand into the air as he tearfully recited his oath. The elderly gentleman’s entire family, standing behind him, were crying.

Entering 2018 with Gratitude to God and Donald Trump

I remember that painful election night in 2012.  Against reason, Americans chose to give Obama four more years in the White House. As a Christian, all I knew to do was trust God.  Little did I know that Obama’s re-election…

Old School Parenting at Christmastime

Like millions of lower to middle income American families back in the day, my parents did an awesome job at Christmastime. With little money, they always found a way to give their kids happy Christmases. As the 9 year old…

Lloyd Marcus The Unhyphenated American’s Christmas Video Gift to All

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The Truth About Racial Profiling Is That Everyone Does It, Especially Leftists

My black brother who lives in Baltimore said something that has stuck with me. He said, “I am tired of having to show people (whites) that I am not like them (black thugs).” His comment was made to convince me that NFL players have valid…

Lloyd Marcus The Unhyphenated American, Defeat Doug Jones Alabama

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Lloyd Marcus The Unhyphenated American Encouraging Alabamians

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Attacking Judge Moore’s Morality Is a Dirty Leftist Trick

Black Christian Conservative Republican Lloyd Marcus here. I call upon all my fellow Christians not to abandon our brother Roy Moore who is running for U.S. Senate Alabama. Right before the election, 40-year-old sexual misconduct allegations have come out against…

Happy Veterans Day Brothers

I was drafted into the Army in 1969. God saw fit not to send me to Vietnam. Upon returning to Ft Bragg, NC from a two week leave, I learned that my entire battalion received orders for Vietnam except me…

On My 40th Wedding Anniversary, I Saw How Much Race In America Has Changed

Sunday, July 23, 2017, was Mary and my 40th wedding anniversary. We celebrated at our favorite sushi restaurant. I enjoyed sashimi (raw fish without rice). Over 40 years ago, I brought this outspoken hippie blonde home to meet my black…

Black Fan Turns Off NFL

Saturday night working in my wood shop, I heard a reporter on the radio say, “Trump has found someone else to pick a fight with, the NFL.” Clearly, the reporter wanted listeners to believe Trump was the bad guy. And yet, fake news…

Lloyd Marcus Heartfelt Message to America from West Virginia

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Destroying Monuments and Lying about Race

While in Baltimore visiting my 89-year-old black dad, I thanked him for filling me and my four younger siblings with the Word of God. I told Dad how I would hear a minister on TV begin reciting a verse from…

My First Political Fight in West Virginia.

My wife Mary and I moved from Florida to West Virginia to be closer to our elderly parents. Its a tiny town, population 500. Because internet will not be installed at our home until later this month, I was at…

Don’t Fall For Leftists Dividing Us Racially to Get Trump

As a proud grateful American who happens to be black, I am frustrated by the leftist media’s frenzied exploitation of the racial violence in Charlottesville. How can justice, peace, love and unity prevail when leftists are obsessed with using any…

Lloyd Marcus: Troubadour of Troubled Times

Lloyd Marcus is not just the singer of ‘Trump Train’, he’s the Trump Train engineer who calls legions to jump on the train:
“Folks, it is extremely crucial that we who elected our president stay firmly seated aboard the Trump Train.” Lloyd Marcus is not only the parody singer on YouTube ‘Trump Train’, but the songwriter and vocalist of the American Tea Party Anthem….

The Walmart Guy vs Anti-Capitalism Millennials

The Walmart guy’s work-ethic, self-reliance and pride in earning his own way is truly refreshing. The Obama Administration practically begged Americans, even non-citizens, to get on food stamps and to apply for as many government freebies as possible.