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Vindictive Omarosa Furthers Trump-is-Racist Lie

I am black conservative Republican Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American; singer/songwriter of the Trump Train music video https://youtu.be/XKpesfFPK0U  and the American Tea Party Anthem https://youtu.be/q1byTDgu7iA   President Trump has black and Hispanic unemployment at historic lows. It is truly shameful that Ms Omarosa…

Kelli Ward US Senate Battle Heats Up in Arizona

Were we insane, waving signs on an Arizona street corner in 116-degree heat?  No, we are patriots. Hello, America.  Mary and I are in Arizona.  Our Conservative Campaign Committee team was joined by local patriots to wave signs for Dr. Kelli Ward for U.S. Senate,…

All Hands on Deck for Operation Midterms

  Mary and I recently campaigned in Montana for conservative Republican Matt Rosendale for U.S. Senate.  We campaigned for Rosendale so early because Democrats are dumping tons of money into House and Senate races early, using lies to destroy Republicans.  Yes, our CCC team will…

How The Left Devalues American Citizenship

On one occasion from my seat on stage, I saw an elderly gentlemen in a wheelchair who looked to be around 100 years old. When it came time for him to take his Oath of Allegiance, a great grandchild on both sides of him raised him to his feet. One grandchild held the gentleman’s right hand into the air as he tearfully recited his oath. The elderly gentleman’s entire family, standing behind him, were crying.

Don’t Allow Maxine Waters’ Impeachment Crap to Stick

A standard practice of democrats and fake news media is to brand anyone who dares oppose their extreme socialist/progressive agenda a racist, stupid, corrupt or crazy. Leftists claim Trump is obviously crazy and must be impeached. So, because Trump is functioning like a savvy businessman rather that an impotent Republican, Leftists say he must be crazy. Sadly, we cannot count on wimpy Republicans to have our president’s back.

Impeach Trump? I Don’t Think So

Americans saw a straight-talking non-political-speak guy who understood their frustration with nonsensical liberal governing — ignoring our borders, ignoring our Constitution, the ObamaCare fiasco, rewarding our enemies and purposely orchestrating the decline of our country.