High School Student in Danger for Disagreeing with Obama

A high percentage of Americans believed race relations would improve with the election of America’s first black president. Today, that percentage has dropped dramatically. Could it be because the Obama administration, at every turn, has shamelessly exploited race to further its agenda?

The message of the liberal media/Obama administration tag team comes across loud and clear. If you disagree with Obama, we will brand you a racist and we will hurt you. If this administration was made into a movie it should be titled, “Mr. Chicago Thug Goes to Washington”. Bullying (banks, the auto industry, insurance companies, national Chamber of Commerce, doctors, Fox News and more) appears to come quite naturally to the Obama administration.

The late great Mary Kay Ash said, “The speed of the leader is the speed of the gang”. In other words leadership comes from the top down. When SEIU (Service Employees International Union) thugs attacked and beat a black conservative for selling “Don’t Tread On Me” flags at a town hall meeting, I believe the thugs felt Obama would approve. Some believe the thugs acted on orders. Folks, they put Kenneth Gladney, a kind and gentle man in the hospital. Kenneth had been laid off his job. He was selling Gadsden Flags simply attempting to earn a living while spreading his belief in conservative principles.

As I said, leadership comes from the top down. I wonder what kind of subliminal message the Obama administration is sending to our kids. I received a letter from the father of a brilliant high school student who dared to write an editorial in her high school newspaper disagreeing with Mrs. Obama. The local Obama supporters reaction to this kid’s article is unbelievable, outrageous, over the top and un-American. Their reaction epitomizes the “we’re gonna get you” gang mindset and thug aura emanating from the Obama administration. This kid was branded a racist and physically threatened.

Ladies and gentlemen, I proudly introduce to you courageous high school student, Kristen Campbell. Here is her dad’s letter which he gave me permission to share publicly.

Hi Lloyd,
Kristen wrote this editorial (No thanks, Mrs. Obama ..) for her high school newspaper in February of this year. After the article was published, she underwent attacks from African-American students, parents, local church groups, and members of the community. She was called a racist, threatened with a knife, attacked verbally and physically in the hallways at school, and her vehicle tires were slashed in the school parking lot. Members of some local minority organizations even met to discuss how to retaliate against her and a boycott of her school newspaper was launched.

Some parents and grandparents asked the school administration to censor her work so that she would be unable to publish controversial editorials in the future, but Kristen went before the administration and stood her ground. Because of her determination, the administration agreed not to censor her work and to allow her to continue to publish editorials without approval from the principal or school board.

Since then, she has written other conservative editorials and is still getting some resistance from the student body. But she has not backed down.

Since then she gave a follow up speech (Protecting the Pie)
on the subject at a state-level 4-H event and at a meeting of the Choctaw Co. Republican Party.

She is passionate about what she believes and is eager and ready to speak anytime she is asked. She is hard-hitting and doesn’t mince words. We are very proud of her as you can imagine!
Looking forward to seeing you in Jackson (Tea Party Express rally) on the 8th.”
Tommy and Dee Ann Campbell

Folks, doesn’t this young lady remind you of another gutsy and great conservative woman from Alaska? I am extremely proud of Kristen. I reminded Kristen that eagles fly alone. Without question, Kristen Campbell is an eagle. We need more Americans, businesses and institutions to show the same courage and backbone as this high school student.

It is time to say “NO!” to the Obama administration. We will be not be silenced. We will not be bullied. We will vote you out in 2010!

Lloyd Marcus (black) Unhyphenated American

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