The Washington Times: Letters to the Editor – A Shining Example

November 21, 2004

A shining example

As a proud black American, I congratulate Condoleezza Rice on her recent well- deserved presidential appointment to secretary of state (“Bush names Rice as secretary of state,” Page 1, Wednesday) after serving as national security adviser for the past four years.
If national civil rights and women’s organizations were true to their supposed missions, Miss Rice would be their superstar poster girl. They should be holding her high as a shining example of what minorities and women can achieve in America through education, hard work and character.
However, I guarantee that this brilliant, outstanding black woman will not be on the A-list of the NAACP or National Organization for Women. Imagine, the highest black woman in America being dissed by the nation’s premier minority and women’s organizations.
Why such disdain for Miss Rice? Her success does not support their real agenda of promoting victimhood. These groups thrive on the myth that the American dream is unavailable to women and minorities.
Without question, women and minorities have been wronged in the past and probably still are, although to much lesser degrees. But America has come a long way, baby. The leadership of these groups has not.
Oddly, even the mainstream media shows disdain for nonwhiny successful women and minorities. Liberal groups and media almost have a “Who do you think you are, making it without us?” attitude. When the media interview Miss Rice, it’s more like a pit bull attack. And yet, with elegance and grace, she smiles and answers their agenda-driven questions.
Meanwhile, rappers who degrade women and promote violence against one another and even against the police are defended by civil rights and women’s groups and warmly embraced by the media as great artists, visionaries and insightful interpreters of real America.
Fortunately, young Americans are smarter and more intuitive than the left might think. They know Miss Rice is the real deal and someone to emulate. She has inspired and will continue to inspire, in even greater numbers, women and minorities to come up higher and achieve their American dream.
Miss Rice is an American hero and a national treasure. Congratulations again, Condi. You go, girl.

Deltona, Fla.

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