Three Simple Reasons Why Trump Will Win

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Based on traditional campaign markers and guideposts, experts predict Trump will go down in humiliating defeat to Hillary Clinton. I think they are wrong, folks. Michael Jackson said, “I’m not like other guys.” I say Donald Trump is not like other politicians.

When Trump announced his bid for the White House, snooty political elites laughed, “Look at this idiot.” They had no idea that millions of Americans at home watching were saying, “Yeah! Right on! I like this guy!”

Polls continue to tighten between Trump and Hillary. I suspect some of Hillary’s lead is due to voters lying to pollsters that they will vote for the first woman president, similar to the Bradley Effect. In 1982, California voters did not want to be thought of as racist so they lied to pollsters saying they would vote for Tom Bradley, the black candidate. Despite a strong lead according to the polls, Bradley lost his bid for governor.

Another thing that may cause voters to lie to pollsters is their fear of being on the wrong side of political correctness. Voters have seen what happens to anyone who speaks out against Leftist’s sacred cow issues. Trump has become the king of political incorrectness. Therefore, some voters feel they must keep the fact that they agree with Trump a secret.

I believe the Trumpster will win the White House for three simple reasons. One: His name recognition. Two: His connection with the common man. Three: American’s disgust with the direction our country is going.

Admittedly, the following anecdotes are not scientific, but I think they are quite telling.

While in the supermarket checkout line, I saw the cover of the National Enquirer with an unflattering photo of Hillary. The headline read, “Crooked Hillary: Corrupt!” in large bold type. Folks, I do not ever recall a tabloid expressing such an in-your-face rebuke of a Democrat politician. Something new is definitely happening this election cycle. The National Enquirer appeals mostly to low-info-voters. Its cover branding Hillary a corrupt political insider could be huge. The cover also plays perfectly into Trump’s narrative that voters have been shafted by professional politicians in both parties. “Vote for me, the outsider.”

I am chairman of the Conservative Campaign Committee. Our team traveled state-to-state during the primaries campaigning for Ted Cruz. I witnessed an unmistakable broad demographic sample of passionate Trump supporters.

Back home in Florida, I experienced that same Trump-mania in Irv, my white handyman. Irv is a low-info voter who worships Obama. Obama gave Irv a free phone. Irv believes Obama is committed to confiscating wealth from selfish evil rich people to take care of poor welfare recipients like his mom and sister. So you can imagine how shocked I was when Irv expressed his excitement about Trump becoming president. Irv said, “Trump is gonna clean this mess up!” This tells me that Trump has a remarkable connection with folks in both parties.

Even the Left’s standard tactic of branding everyone who is not liberal a racist has not really worked on Trump. Numerous black and Hispanic groups enthusiastically support Trump.

Trump pretty much owns the evangelical vote. At the GOP convention, Dr. Ben Carson exposed the fact that Hillary’s hero is Saul Alinsky who is a huge fan of Lucifer. Liberal media went nuts. They hate it whenever anyone dares to expose the truth about them and their agenda.

Republican turnout during the primaries far exceeded the Democrat turnout. Yes, something unprecedented is fueling the Trump phenomenon.

To keep my blood sugar numbers good, I daily use an aerobic machine at my local gym. The gym has 20 TV sets hanging from the ceiling. Amazingly, Trump is consistently either the topic of discussion or being interviewed on at least five of those TV sets. No politician has ever enjoyed such free coverage.

Trump’s TV show has been on 14 years. Talk about name recognition, I suspect millions more people know Trump than know Hillary Clinton.

The FBI and DOJ giving Hillary a pass on blatantly jeopardizing our national security and breaking the law has some “Never Trump” people warming up to him. The same way the GOP and mainstream media allowed Obama to behave as king due to his race, they will allow Hillary to do the same due to her gender. Our nation as founded cannot survive another lawless, out-of-control, corrupt and narcissistic dictator running our country. Hillary our Queen; we her supplicants.

Some have said they cannot morally vote for either presidential candidate. They say, “Voting for the lesser of two evils is still evil.” Fine. God forbid that I judge people for for voting their conscience. However, I submit that sometimes life does call for us to make unpleasant responsible choices; to choose the lesser evil.

Two evil masters seek to purchase the same slave. The slave’s owner offers him the privilege to choose between the two evil new masters seeking to purchase him. One master is a tyrant. The other is a tyrant and a rapist, sure to rape the slave’s wife and daughter. Doesn’t the slave have a moral obligation to his wife and daughter to choose the less evil master?

Trump Train GraphicAs I stated, my belief that Trump will win is not scientific. It is based on three simple facts. The guy has huge name recognition. He has a unique connection with regular folks. Voters are not up for a third term of Obama channeled through Hillary. In this bizarre-o political season, those three reasons just might be enough to land Trump the Oval Office.

Please listen, enjoy and spread my Trump Train song.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American;
Chairman: The Conservative Campaign Committee.

3 comments for “Three Simple Reasons Why Trump Will Win

  1. DT61
    July 26, 2016 at 3:30 pm

    But what about the electoral college- the stop gate – to keep things like this from happening?

  2. Kathy
    July 27, 2016 at 5:19 am

    I so agree with you. My reasons are different, but the result is the same.
    I knew Trump had a show called The Apprentice. Never watched it, I don’t do TV, I read.

    And that’s what I did. I read Crippled America and Art of the Deal. His little handbook “Think Like A Champion” is next to my computer, where I drink my coffee and see his face first thing every morning. He’s the most inspirational person I know and will go down in history as one of the great thinkers.

    I never watched a political debate, followed or voted in a primary election. I read local politics and was coerced by media in presidential elections. Greed and corruption sickened me. Politicians were boring and phony. Until Donald Trump!

    I loved his authenticity, understood his plain talk and realized the mess our country was in. I discovered how dishonest and biased the media is, learned to choose legitimate sources for the truth, and others to defend him on comment boards, social media and people I encounter in life.

    I watched all his early rallies, wondering if he’d come to San Diego. He made me smile and laugh every day, despite the serious topics he discussed. His quick wit and humor lightens the moment, diffuses controversy, while he makes his point clear.

    I went to his Costa Mesa and San Diego rallies, “love fests” with diverse crowds of thousands of people, exchanging stories, mimicking him, remembering funny moments, and engaging in real conversation.

    He’s a brilliant man, who says what he means and means what he says. He settles for nothing less than success, winning, and beating the odds “under budget, ahead of schedule.” Failure is not in his vocabulary. He proved this over the past 13 months.

    His father said, “Everything my boy touches turns to gold.” I think his father saw something special and told him at a young age, “Son, you’ll be President of the United States someday.” He won’t let him down, he won’t let us down.

  3. Not a closet Republican
    July 27, 2016 at 2:06 pm

    Love that confederate flag! Wish I could wear that flag in my “pc fascist” town. T I always tell people I’m voting for Trump. They express outrage and make faces. I’ve even told some people I’m a tea party Republican. They’re in shock! But then I find ‘silent Trump Republicans and Democrats’.

    I loved having Ted Cruz speak at the RNC. It didn’t matter that he didn’t endorse Trump, his presence said it all. The GOP has been stereotyped for being a homogenous mass for years. We’re an extremely diverse group that doesn’t agree on everything.

    Congratulations to Lloyd and Mary-39 wonderful years!!!!!!

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