News-Journal Corporation: Letters to the Editor – Victory Supports Traditional American Values

November 14, 2004

Victory supports traditional American values

I’m elated. The dominance of President Bush’s powerful red-states victory tells me most Americans feel as I do regarding God, family and country. It confirms that my love for my country and traditional American values is not corny and outdated.

I’m a black professional singer, songwriter and entertainer. I produce a patriotic review, “Lloyd Marcus & Friends: Celebrate America.” It is becoming a Fourth of July traditional at the historic Daytona Beach Bandshell.

While my family-friendly show is always extremely well-received, compared to what’s on TV today, my show appears out of step and more suited for a time gone by, a time when primetime viewers enjoyed Andy and Mayberry.

Showbiz today is obsessed with being in your face or cutting edge. As evidenced, the media and showbiz gurus were shocked when last year’s Super Bowl halftime show fell flat, offending many and leaving most Americans thinking, “What the heck was that?” The industry mindset seems to cultivate the philosophy, if you’re not offending somebody, you ain’t doin’ your job. The message being: Want to become a major star? Trash the things which most Americans hold dear. The critics will ordain and worship you as a “true artist.”

Strongly, I take exception to this mentality. I enjoy simply making people feel good about themselves and their country. I respect my audiences and feel grateful for their time. I want them to leave my concerts and show feeling happy, inspired and encouraged.

Just as America has given President Bush a mandate to pursue his agenda, I feel that it has also given me a mandate to continue celebrating the good life of America: God, family, flag-waving and apple pie with a huge dollop of extra thick real whipped cream on top.