Cruz Louisiana Rally: A Throwback to Saner Times

I saw America that night, folks – the America I grew up with in Pumphrey, Maryland, a black suburban community outside Baltimore.  The unspoken philosophy of our tiny all black community was education, hard work, respect for elders and God.  Pumphrey birthed numerous successful blacks.  My sister-in-law’s brother Butch Keaser from Pumphrey was the first black wrestler to win an Olympic medal.

We kept score at sporting events in Pumphrey.  There were winners and losers.  Such is real life.  Rev. Lemon was pastor of the Baptist church.  My dad, Rev. Lloyd E. Marcus, was pastor of the Methodist church.  Pete was my mom’s homosexual hairdresser.  Mom and Pete were good friends.  Pete would never think of demanding that my mom approve of his homosexual lifestyle.  Dad treated everyone with respect.  Local drunkards, we called “wine-os” were guardians of my four younger siblings and me.  A wine-o would say, “Hey, that’s Rev. Moccasin’s (Marcus) kid, don’t mess with him!”

ted cruz louisiana Mary Banner Wave

Last night at the Ted Cruz rally in Louisiana with 2,500 people, I felt as though I was at a community event in Pumphrey 40 years ago – a revival meeting of traditional American principles and values.

A local pastor opened the rally with a prayer, ending it with “In Jesus’s name, amen.”  Folks, that is becoming unheard of in today’s America.  My wife Mary noticed that when the audience said the Pledge of Allegiance, four kids around 9 and younger placed their hands over their hearts and knew all the words.

Duck Dynasty‘s Phil Robertson took to the stage, placed his Bible on the podium, and spoke boldly regarding his faith and the cultural rot that is destroying our country.  Robertson cited that according to the CDC over 100 million Americans have sexually transmitted diseases.

Ted Cruz Louisiana War Room

Folks, I realized that even I have been trained by the left regarding what Christians are allowed to say publicly.  Hearing Phil talk so freely about old-fashioned principles and values with clear boundaries of right and wrong was almost shocking.  It heightened my respect for Ted Cruz for having Phil as his opening act.  I thought, surely the mainstream media is going to rip Cruz a new one for all this morality and God talk.

Cruz’s bold, unapologetic commitment to restoring the principles and values of my “Pumphrey” America, reinforced my commitment to do everything in my power to put this remarkable man of God, character, and our Constitution into the Oval Office.  This is it, folks.  Cruz is our one last chance, for Lord knows how long, to take back our country.

With a rock-solid record of keeping his word, Cruz vows not to compromise or negotiate away our religious liberty or betray the Constitution.

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Our Conservative Campaign Committee team has been following the Cruz campaign from state to state beginning in Iowa.  Yes, as chairman of CCC, I would like to take credit for Cruz’s victory.  However, the truth is patriots coming together across America made it happen.

After traveling and waving signs on street corners all day, our team was pretty dead when we arrived at the Cruz rally in Mandeville, Louisiana.  However, the crowd’s electrifying enthusiasm for Cruz energized us.  My wife Mary and I stood for three hours at the front of the packed gymnasium holding our famous six-foot “Ted Cruz: Conservative Hero” banner.  And ladies, Mary was wearing heels.

Our Conservative Campaign Committee team is headed to Mississippi to help secure a victory for Cruz in the March 8 primary.  Folks, it is not an exaggeration to say if Cruz is not elected, we could lose the America we grew up with for many, many years and possibly forever.  We must get this done.  Take back America for our kids and grandkids – an America where God is not chased out, hard work is expected and respected, right is right and wrong is wrong.  My Pumphrey America.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American
Chairman: Conservative Campaign Committee

2 comments for “Cruz Louisiana Rally: A Throwback to Saner Times

  1. Not a closet Republican
    March 6, 2016 at 3:48 pm

    Sounds like you and Mary are having a great time. Hoping you two have time to vacation outside of the campaign. Still deciding between Cruz and Trump.

  2. Lee
    March 7, 2016 at 1:22 pm

    All of that and Trump still won the state. It’s over for Cruz. He won’t do well in the North.

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