Lloyd Marcus: Cruz Wins! Thank You Jesus!

Ted Cruz & Lloyd Marcus Discussion

Folks, my Conservative Campaign Committee team have been boots on the ground in Iowa for Ted Cruz. We are overwhelmingly happy and blessed that our efforts contributed to Cruz winning the Iowa Caucus.

It is amazing what you see, learn and feel on location that you could never experience watching on TV; things not reported in the media.

Ted Cruz & Lloyd Marcus croppedFor example: I attended the Cruz rally in Sioux City, Iowa a day or so before Monday’s vote. After the rally, hundreds rushed to the stage to speak, take pictures and hopefully shake Cruz’s hand. A WWII vet was first to converse with Cruz. Oblivious to the fact that hundreds were behind him, the elderly gentleman acted as if he and Cruz were having a private meeting. He spoke to Cruz for what seemed like an eternity. People were clearly becoming impatient.

And yet, Cruz looked the old soldier in the eye giving him his full attention, never attempting to hurry the senior along. Cruz’s behavior was very kind, respectful and impressive. I chose not to share my observation of Cruz with the WWII vet before Monday’s vote. I did not want to cheapen their exchange with people thinking I was exploiting the heartwarming incident to win votes for Cruz.

As I said, it is amazing what you experience being there on location. Every day our CCC team was on Iowa street corners waving “Ted Cruz” signs. Cruz’s win confirms that the good vibes we were feeling from voters was correct. The majority of motorists who drove by us favored Cruz; expressed by honking their horns, yelling, thumbs up and enthusiastic waves.

Ted Cruz sign wave Iowa 1-31-2016What I did not mention in previous updates from Iowa was the motorists who gave us their middle finger along with a healthy dose of venomous hate. I thought, “Okay, I get it. You don’t want Cruz. But what is up with the hate? What so offends you about Cruz?”

Candidly, the motorists’ anger and hate for Cruz felt like a spiritual thing; good vs evil. Without apology, Cruz is running on a platform of traditional moral values. That is as repulsive to some folks as showing Dracula the cross.Ted Cruz Iowa War Room 1

A majority of Americans instinctively sense that our country is headed to a deep dark place. During his powerful inspiring Iowa victory speech, Cruz promised, “Morning is coming!”

I was out walking in Iowa when Joe Wierzbicki, our Conservative Campaign Committee executive director texted that Cruz won Iowa. I thought, “Thank you Jesus!” Onward and upward folks. Onward and upward.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American
Chairman: The Conservative Campaign Committee


2 comments for “Lloyd Marcus: Cruz Wins! Thank You Jesus!

  1. June Pallesen
    February 5, 2016 at 2:24 am

    I was at the Sioux City rally. In fact, you can see me in the top two photos above. My father, my two kids, and I sat in the front row. We were all looking forward to meeting the Senator when the rally was over. My son (age 15) wanted his picture taken with Cruz – partly for extra credit for his high school Civics class, but mostly because my son has been interested in politics since the age of 3. My father (a WWII era Vet) wanted his picture taken with Cruz also – because he says Cruz reminds him of Reagan, and we need a man like that in the White House. We were standing right there when Cruz and the elderly Veteran had their conversation that you wrote about here. You described the situation perfectly. I was so impressed by the Senator’s undivided attention to this man. There were about 1200 people in the room and all of them wanted their chance to shake Cruz’s hand, have their picture taken, get his autograph. It was crowded and hot and rather loud. Yet Cruz never took his eyes off this man’s face. He listened earnestly, nodded appreciatively, and replied thoughtfully to everything the man had to say. Cruz gave his time, his attention, and his reassurances to this man that he will continue to fight for what is right in order for our country to be a better place, a safer place, an exceptional place. It was in those few minutes that I made my decision who to support in this race. Choose Cruz!

  2. Robert Terrell
    April 2, 2016 at 10:47 am

    I feel exactly the same as June does! I have seldom ever made a donation to ANY candidate, in ANY election. Today I made one for Cruz, to help him win in Wisconsin! I believe that we CAN win this election and all we have to do is keep Ted in the lead! All of us KNOW that Trump is not a qualified or competent candidate. We need Cruz to get the jobs done, not some $Billionaire entertainer! Therefore, I Choose Cruz!

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