Manning in Super Bowl: Character Wins!

(Photo by John Leyba)

(Photo by John Leyba)

My wife’s eyes typically glaze over whenever I talk about sports. I prefaced my comments with this is not about sports. It’s about life. She politely listens. I will keep it succinct folks, the way I explained to Mary. I am delighted that veteran quarterback, Peyton Manning will be in the Super Bowl.

In a nutshell, Manning had an extremely difficult season; a few poor performances, injuries, unfair news stories attacking his character  and most humiliating, being benched. The multiple MVP winner and Super Bowl winner was reduced to the position of “back up” quarterback.

Never did we hear a single word of complaining. Instead, Manning diligently worked to regain his health and keep his arm ready to play. When asked by a reporter about his progress, Manning said he felt good and was throwing the ball at targets. A sports announcer said if Manning was really ready to play, the coaches would have him throwing to live receivers.

During the biggest game of the season for the Broncos, the young quarterback faltered. The coach brought in Manning who saved the day, winning the game. Then, Manning led the Broncos to defeating four time Super Bowl winners Tom Brady and the Patriots. The win sends Manning and the Broncos to competing in Super Bowl 50.

It is easy to behave honorably when everything is going your way. True character shines through when one can behave honorably in the midst of life’s storms. Manning kept his mouth shut and simply focused on preparing himself to help his team, if necessary. I always like to see good guys win.

Have a great Super Bowl Peyton!

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American