Is Trump Trustworthy? Is Cruz Likable?

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A puzzling mindset has emerged in some conservatives regarding Cruz. A publisher who usually publishes my articles rejected one touting Ted Cruz for president. The publisher politely lectured me about my support for Cruz, calling it misguided and even non-Christian. I love the way when people know you are Christian they try to use your faith to manipulate you. (Smile)

Conservatives choosing to perceive Trump as they want him to be is a reflection of their anger, frustration, and fear of losing their country. I witnessed this phenomenon when Trump first announced his campaign. An evangelical minister attempted to convince me that Trump is a committed Christian. I was a bit taken aback. While I do not think poorly of Trump, it never occurred to me to use the words “Trump” and “Christian” in the same sentence. My Evangelical brother’s effort to make Trump a strong Christian confirmed that Conservatives are desperate. Pure and simple.

The reality is that many conservatives will follow anyone promising “real” change in Washington. Given the betrayal, heartache and disappointment that the GOP has put tea partiers/patriots through, I cannot criticize my patriot brothers and sisters who support Trump. It kind of offends me when I hear conservative pundits trashing Trump supporters — in essence, beating up on the victims.

I will state again that if Trump becomes our GOP nominee, I will wave “Vote Trump!” signs on street corners. However, I do have concerns about the man. I am not talking about the mainstream media, Democrats and RINO’s accusations about Trump.

As a matter of fact, please allow me to digress for a moment. I heard a report that British politicians have half a million signatures on a petition supportive of banning Trump from the UK because of his proposal to temporarily ban Muslims from the U.S. Folks, this infuriated me. I thought, “Just because you idiots have surrendered to political correctness and allowed Muslim terrorists to dominate your country, does not mean we should do the same in the U.S.!”

Back to my issues with Trump. My dad said a snake can swim under water a very long time just like a fish. However, it eventually has to come up for air because it is not a fish, it is a snake. Folks, I am not calling Trump a snake. I am simply saying while Trump has touted conservative values during his campaign, Trump’s history is not conservative. Perhaps Trump has had a road to Damascus conversion and is now a rabid conservative. Who knows? But why risk it?

A wise person said, “The best predictor of future behavior is… past behavior.” Folks, I suspect that there is very little doubt in your mind as to who Ted Cruz is and what he will do as president. Cruz has a history of rock solid conservatism.

And dare I mention the “C” word, character. Cruz proudly proclaims his Christianity. Real religious conviction affects one’s character/behavior. I want my president to believe that there is a God and that it is not him.

“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom…” Proverbs 8:10

William Bradford, the Christian who led the pilgrims on the Mayflower to the new world seeking religious freedom, knew this scripture to be true. Bradford was very outspoken about his belief and trust in God to lead them to their new home in the new world; built on the unique concept of individual freedom.

What I found most distressing about SCOTUS, in essence, making same-sex marriage the law of the land is the Left’s successful effort to make normal what has been considered deviant since the beginning of time. SCOTUS’s decision opened the floodgates not for tolerance, but for Americans to be bullied into embracing anti-biblical behavior. Why do same-sex couples force Christian businesses to service their weddings rather than going to businesses with flashing neon signs, “We Service Homosexual Weddings”? Clearly, their agenda is not about getting a wedding cake and all about the Left’s intolerance of Christians.

It still blows my mind that Christians are actually being thrown into jail in the United States of America for not embracing sodomy. Ted Cruz has vowed to defend religious freedom. I know he will.

A tea party group leader said they feel like Cruz is lecturing them when he speaks. I thought, “Excuse me. With a morally bankrupted anti-America scoundrel like Barack Obama running our country for eight years, America desperately needs a leader/Commander-in-Chief of the highest character and moral standards”. No way, would I reject such a candidate because I feel a bit intimidated in their presence. In a field of two-faced, say-whatever-necessary-to-win candidates, I say praise God for a candidate who truly stands for something.

When I was a child, I assumed all U.S. presidents were exceptional people of the highest character. Man, was I wrong. Americans long for a great trustworthy and moral leader. America desperately needs Ted Cruz.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American
Chairman: The Conservative Campaign Committee

4 comments for “Is Trump Trustworthy? Is Cruz Likable?

  1. Frank McLean
    January 22, 2016 at 5:55 pm

    Lloyd, I love your opinion and think the world of you. My question about Ted Cruz is “has ne shown the ability to get deals done?” Has he alienated many on his own side of the aisle? I don’t think he is capable of winning the general election because he is so against so many social issues. I would love to see the country return to the moral side but, I don’t think the country is ready for Cruz yet. I think Trump is truly fed up with the direction of the country and would love to see things turn around for his kids and especially his grandkids. That’s why I think he would be a good stepping stone in the right direction and then maybe the country would be more ready for Cruz.
    Keep up the good fight Lloyd, we need more like you.

  2. Cynthia
    January 23, 2016 at 1:28 am

    I see it coming back to the lesser of two evils. A Trump/Cruz ticket I could get behind. Rand Paul would be my first choice but I know it won’t happen.

    • Steve Pendry
      January 23, 2016 at 8:34 pm

      We often have been left with that option, or the feeling that we have only that option, Cynthia, I think the reality is that, very seldom in life, do we find that “Perfect” candidate that we can completely trust and believe it. The last one that comes to my mind was Ronald Reagan. And even with Reagan, he was a converted Democrat Union Boss before he came to the GOP at an older age (53). He turned out pretty well.
      I am not going to try and convince Cruz supporters to support Donald Trump because they believe in their candidate, just as I believe in mine. If Donald wins the nomination, I will vote for him, if Ted Cruz wins the nomination, I will vote for him.
      I like both men, and both bring positives to the table, both also bring what some find to be negatives to the table as well.
      Either way, I am voting and will not stop fighting to rid America of those who are trying to destroy her.

  3. Melody Warbington
    January 28, 2016 at 12:42 pm

    Spot on. Cruz has proven he will stand up to the so-called establishment. The deals McConnell, McCain, Graham and the like were not good for the country. Trump stated recently that we need to be a “little establishment” so now they think he will work with them more than Cruz. I thought conservatives were tired of the double dealing.

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