GOP Contenders Using Leftist Rhetoric: Buyers Beware

MSM graphicFolks, I strongly caution you to beware of any GOP presidential contender who embraces the left’s lies about conservatives and Republicans to attack a fellow GOP contender.  The left (mainstream media and Democrats) have spent decades branding conservatives and Republicans haters, racists, sexists, selfish, and mean.  Republicans think many voters, particularly minorities, believe the left’s lies about them and are always on the defensive trying to prove the lies untrue.

Consequently, our country is in a horrible mess, because Republicans are so terrified of mainstream media criticism that they will not address dangerous elephants in America’s living room.  The GOP is petrified of acknowledging these issues, let alone offering any real commonsense solutions.

Americans are suffering the devastating effects of Republican’s fear of mainstream media criticism.  Obama has been allowed to illegally open our borders to all the world.  Flooding across our border daily, illegals are bringing in strange diseases.  The invasion of illegals includes repeat felons, gang members, and terrorists.

Obama has turned his back on our ally Israel to embrace Iran, which chants, “Death to America.”  Insanely, Obama has given Iran, the world’s largest state sponsors of terrorism, $150 billion and paved the way for Iran to acquire a nuclear bomb

Obamacare has wrought havoc on the greatest health care system in the world, causing cancer patients to lose their life-saving doctors, with government (death panels) empowered to decide whether or not it is good business to approve grandma receiving that life-saving kidney

The list of Obama’s lies, crimes, and misdemeanors against America goes on and on, with very little push-back from the GOP, who are fearful of the MSM calling them racists for opposing the first black president.  Do you see why it is so important that GOP contenders do not reinforce the left’s lies about Republicans and conservatives?

GOP vs DEM RacismAny GOP contender willing to further the left’s insidious false marketing to defeat a fellow Republican contender is shortsighted, selfish, and irresponsible.

When Donald Trump came along and dared to say we must secure our southern border, the left behaved as expected.  Mainstream media launched a gang assault to brand an “R” on Trump’s forehead, marking him a racist.  Disturbingly, some GOP presidential contenders joined the mainstream media’s “Trump is a racist” pack-attack.

Such behavior by a GOP presidential contender is a huge red flag for me.  Stopping illegal immigration is vital to our national security.  If a GOP contender is self-serving enough to use the left’s false rhetoric regarding illegal immigration to demonize a Republican, surely that contender will throw conservatism under the bus to avoid MSM criticism once seated in the big chair in the Oval Office.  If elected, such a shallow contender will join what Ted Cruz described as the “Washington cartel,” governing against the will and best interest of the American people. 

I love the fact that GOP presidential contender Ted Cruz has not taken the mainstream media’s bait to trash Trump, designed to distract Americans from dealing with the invasion of our country by illegals.

Not only is Cruz brilliant and truly conservative, but he is a class act with America’s best interest at heart.

Founding Father Thomas Jefferson said, “An educated citizenry is a vital requisite for our survival as a free people.”  No one has undermined Jefferson’s truth more than the left.  For decades, using their control of public education, these vipers have insidiously and purposely dumbed down our kids regarding their rights, the Constitution, and the unique greatness of America.  The result is millennials willing to surrender their God-given and much fought to defend freedoms to Obama and Democrats as long as they promise to take care of them.

Exploiting the abundance of historically ignorant voters, the left has despicably intensified its attacks on Trump by outrageously comparing him to Hitler.  Any GOP presidential contender who signs on to the left’s over-the-top slander of this decent man or suggests that Trump is as dangerous as Hitler is unworthy of your vote

Folks, honoring Reagan’s 11th Commandment (thou shall not speak ill of any Republican), I choose not to name GOP contenders who are damaging the conservative/Republican brand by using the left’s false rhetoric to disqualify Trump.  By their fruits, ye shall know them.  In other words, these GOP contenders’ own words will expose them for the rats they truly are.  Buyers (voters) beware.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American
Chairman: Conservative Campaign Committee

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  1. Lynz
    December 15, 2015 at 2:19 pm

    I agree with alot of this, umntil the last paragraph. …Something about “Regans 11th Commandment”. … What?!!? As stated above- ” Thou shall not speak I’ll of any Republican”. WoW! (& the writer of this article is “following Regans commandment”). Almost makes me question the whole article. Although alot of it I already believed/knew before ever seeing this article. So parts of this article, I see a purpose of passing on.
    .. As for the last paragraph, I can only hope to remind who ever wrote this, as well as whoever reads this, that—
    _REGANS SUPPOSED 11TH COMMANDMENT WAS a tyrant-like order, made using words and labeling to resemble that of an idea that it was from the BIBLE,or from God. Which is a poor/shameful attempt to use lies to control people. … Nothing new. (Which is completely, ridiculously, shameful! Of whom ever just passed that info on for more to possibly be fooled by and by Reagan, IF and Only IF, that was in fact an actual quote by Reagan. … Okay, this comment is long enough to almost mistake as babbling on& on, lol. I am curious to see what others think about this article too.

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