planned_parenthood_Hamelin citizens reneged on payment after the Pied Piper got rid of their rats. Infuriated, he retaliated by stealing their children; leading them out of town by playing an irresistible seductive tune.

American parents have reneged on fulfilling their role; opting for friendship – liberal child raising over God’s instructions. The Bible says “children obey your parents.” And yet, the norm on TV and in movies is children treating parents as equals or with total disrespect. Kids are awarded adult privacy rights, free to decide when to begin having sex – encouraged to experiment with different genders. School provides little Suzy birth control and baby killing services behind mom and dad’s backs.

The evil Pied Piper of Liberalism has bewitched America’s youths, created stone-cold hearts towards the least of God’s little ones. Planned Parenthood killing babies, excited about selling intact heads at premium prices does not raise an eyebrow in young women. Someone said if Planned Parenthood was selling dead puppy parts, youths would be up in arms. A millennial asked my wife to stop criticizing PP, citing it as her only health provider. That is not true. Thousands of outlets are available to women. Another young woman angrily defended PP killing babies claiming that stats confirm women are much happier years after killing their babies. Note the bone-chilling disregard for innocent human life.

Years of the Pied Piper of Liberalism’s seductive tune played in their ears has entranced our youths; marching them to a dark, dark place. Christians in the name of love and parents trying to be modern have allowed this to happen.

What keeps me sane and hopeful is trusting and focusing on Jesus rather than what I see.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American