#Take Back Our Kids

#TakeBackOurKidsOur nineteen fifty something station-wagon was loaded with mom, dad, big fat Aunt Nee (300lbs ), myself and four younger siblings. Aunt Nee raised my dad; his surrogate mom. Our family was excited about spending a hot summer day at Carr’s Beach, Maryland. I had no idea at that time that it was the only Maryland beach open to blacks.

Before hitting the road to the beach, the ritual included riding from our black suburban community into Baltimore city to pick up Aunt Nee and stopping down “Jew Town” to purchase corned-beef and a bread that the adults loved. I did not get a sense that my parents calling it Jew Town was meant in a derogatory way. It was simply an area of Baltimore filled with Jewish businesses that sold great food.

As a matter of fact, most of the corner stores in black neighborhoods were owned by Jews. Blacks purchased items without cash, put on their account. Store owners would log items in their book; no bulletproof wall and turn-style between the Jewish store owners and their black customers.

We always had a wonderful time at the beach and rode home exhausted. Dad’s car was not air conditioned. Looking back, I wonder how on earth did we endure; three adults, five kids, food and beach supplies stuffed in a hot station-wagon. And yet, all my memories of family days at the beach bring a warm smile to my face.

Mom was a great cook. Two of mom’s weekday dinner menus stick out as favorites. One was mom’s hot homemade biscuits with butter and King Syrup. The other was collard greens with cornbread dumplings. We kids were clueless about the economic component surrounding these meals. We simply enjoyed them, never feeling deprived.

Wednesday nights were prayer service at the storefront church in Baltimore city where dad was assistant pastor. On the way home, there was a corner bakery right before we crossed over the Hanover Street bridge. Whenever dad unexpectedly pulled over to purchase a dozen donuts, it was an exciting family treat.

As the eldest, I remember my parent’s lean years more than my siblings. One Christmas, I was extremely excited receiving a secondhand bicycle. Years later, Santa delivered new bikes for my younger brothers and sister.

Dad was among Baltimore City’s first black firefighters and mom worked part-time as a custodian at a high school and a domestic for white folks.

My point is we did not have what kids have today. And yet, we enjoyed the little things. We did not feel deprived. Mom and dad always found a way to get us whatever we needed. I remember wearing my new suit for 6th grade graduation looking at my friend Martin wearing a suit a few sizes too small. My three brothers, sister and I were happy.

The Bible says “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it” (Proverbs 22:6). While my siblings and I had our individual periods of rebellion, like the prodigal son, we defaulted back to our home training; our parent’s principles and values.

Today, the Left is aggressively usurping authority over your kids, ripping parenting out of your hands.

Decades of allowing liberal indoctrination to go unchallenged has produced a generation of youths who believe in the name of “fairness” that no one should have more than anyone else (income inequality). Needs and desires are now declared to be rights (government entitlements). In our quest to prove our tolerance as conservatives, we allowed the Left to steal our kid’s minds.

Youths are idealistic. Once liberalized guilt-ridden youths are led down the road of trying to make life fair, the consequences are far reaching. For example: Pressure from students is forcing colleges to make all campus restrooms “all gender”. An Oregon High School created gender-neutral restrooms for transgender students.

In case you have not noticed, the Left has zero tolerance for anyone daring to disagree with their far left radical liberal agenda. They punish and even seek to criminalize opposing points of view.  How long will it be before our kids are reporting their parents to authorities after overhearing them express an opinion out-of-step with that of the Left, government and the mainstream media?

Folks, it is time that we take back our kids from Leftist’s indoctrination.

Though “#Bring Back Our Girls” won rave reviews from liberals, sadly, it did nothing to free the 200 girls kidnapped and made sex slaves by Islamic extremists. A year later, the girls have not been returned.

I wish to implement, #TakeBackOurKids. I am calling all parents to closely monitor their local school administrators and school boards, confronting them when necessary. Home schooling is a great option. We can no longer sit back and passively allow the Left to totally control the thinking and beliefs of our kids. We must #TakeBackOurKids.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American
Chairman, Conservative Campaign Committee

2 comments for “#TakeBackOurKids

  1. monica
    April 29, 2015 at 12:31 pm

    Loved your article. Sadly it seems in the quest to give our kids everything they could want, we forgot to give them what they needed most — love and boundaries. Hopefully if we can take back our kids, we can then move on to take back our country.

  2. Robert Keech
    April 29, 2015 at 4:11 pm

    A very salient point. In addition to your hashtag, I would suggest also using #homeschool. There is a finite window available to parents to mold the character of their children. The sad fact is, at eight hours a day five days a week plus commute and extracurriculars the school system has your children more than you do. The ongoing pressure to enroll children of ever younger ages into some form of day care for “socialization” continues to rob parents of ever increasing amounts of precious bonding and mentoring time.

    Over the years I have heard or read thousands of suggestions on how we must improve the public school system but all of them ignore two key points. Firstly, no matter how good a teacher or school is, the “teacher/student ratio” will never be better than that of the family/child ratio. All politics aside, pure logistics dictate that a parent at home will be able to dedicate more time to each student than a teacher in a classroom will. Secondly, no matter how good a plan to improve the school system is, it will take too long to implement to be of any real use to my children. Why admit that the system is broken but continue to subject your children to it?

    If at all possible, pulling your children out of the system and educating them at home is the best way to ensure both that your children receive the highest quality education and that the people that run the system finally start to pay attention. You can complain all you want. As long as they have your children (and the tax dollars that accompany them) they have no real motivation to change.

    Imagine going to a restaurant and receiving bad food. You complain to the manager and are assured things will improve. The next week you go back and the food is just as bad. Again you complain and again you are assured the food will improve. Weeks turn into years and you continue to go to the same restaurant over and over again to pay for food that you know will be bad all the while wondering why your complaints are ignored. If anything, the food has gotten worse. Could you really hold out hope that anything will change as long as you keep giving the restaurant your money every week?

    If one customer decided to stay home and make their own meal, the restaurant might not even notice. If a handful of customers stopped showing up, they may begin to wonder why they’re making less money, and begin charging more of the customers that still show up. However, if the majority of the customers decide that they’ve had enough and stopped eating at the restaurant, the management would have no choice but to either improve or simply go out of business entirely.

    Homeschooling is not only what’s best for your children now, it is the best protest against the failed public school system.

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