Can’t Expect Much From Blacks

Can’t Expect Much From Blacks

ALL MY BABIES MAMASSerendipitous, my brother phoned while I was writing about how liberals mistreat blacks. He watched a reality TV show in which the white host visited a black neighborhood. Every black person on the program was illiterate. A black guy on the show spelled dead, “d-e-d.” My brother said he felt embarrassed for our people.

I seized the moment to inform him that white liberals typically expect very little of blacks. Liberal’s so-called compassion for blacks is nothing more than their arrogant superiority and racist bigotry of low expectations.

I told my brother about white liberal former CNN host Piers Morgan interviewing 19 year old, still in high school, Ebonics speaking Rachel Jeantel. Morgan praised Jeantel as a great representative of black America even calling her “one smart cookie”; exposing his revolting condescending bigotry of low expectations.

Meanwhile, liberals attacked well-spoken black pro-football quarterbacks R G III and Russell Wilson; calling them cornball brothers and not authentically black.

I love the way liberals, particularly whites, try to tell blacks how to be black. If a black’s speech, dress or behavior are not rooted in “the hood” experience, liberals scold them for not acting black enough. How dare these arrogant racists try to limit someone’s life experience; sentencing them to an existence in which intellectual excellence, sophistication and speaking English correctly are not tolerated.

The dirty little secret is many liberals believe blacks are inferior to whites and should not be held to the same standards. This explains liberals consistently calling for special concessions and lowered standards based on race. Very insulting.

My brother was shocked when I told him about the white liberals at the Oxygen channel desire to celebrate a black serial fornicator rewarding him with a reality TV show titled, “All My Baby’s Mommas.” The show featured a black rapper with babies by ten black women. When we were growing up, such behavior was considered irresponsible and immoral. Today, white liberals want to make them reality TV stars; bigotry of low expectations. Black protest stopped Oxygen from airing the show.

I feel like libs are thinking, “What’s the big deal? Blacks are savages behaving according to their cultural dictates. It is racially insensitive to expect more out of them.”

You think I am exaggerating? At a white privileged conference for public school teachers it was said that for cultural reasons, it is racist to expect black students to work hard and be on time for class.

My brother was stunned when I told him liberals (Democrats and the MSM) raised holy heck, claiming that having to show a photo ID blocks blacks from voting. If this is true, many blacks do not drive cars, fly or cash checks since each activity requires showing a photo ID; more glaring, insulting bigotry of low expectations.

The most recent example of white liberal bigotry of low expectations is former New York City Mayor Bloomberg saying black males should not be allowed to have guns.

I told my brother that while most blacks believe the lie that liberals are their saviors, I have always had a gnawing uncomfortable feeling in my gut. Then it hit me. The foul odor from liberals that turns my stomach is their snooty superiority. They send us an underlying message that you poor inferior blacks are not as smart as us compassionate whites. Therefore, you need to be taken care of.

It drives me nuts that more blacks are not insulted. Libs keep offering blacks excrement sandwiches disguised as compassion and blacks keep eating them. Truly demeaning and insulting.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American
Chairman, Conservative Campaign Committee

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  1. Jane Wendling
    March 2, 2015 at 1:18 pm

    Congratulations Mr. Marcus! You are not only highly intelligent but have figured out the agenda of the liberal lefts! Their sole purpose is the “dumbing down” of America by keeping minorities in a constant Welfare State and not encouraging them to get a good education and better their lives. Keep up the good work and educate as many people as you can!

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