A Conservative Republican To Defeat Al Franken!


A Conservative Republican
To Defeat Al Franken!

The Conservative Campaign Committee (website: www.ConservativeCampaign.org) is pleased to announce our endorsement of Conservative Republican State Senator Julianne Ortman for U.S. Senate in Minnesota, and we wholeheartedly support her campaign to  defeat the liberal Democrat incumbent, Al Franken.

Julianne Ortman has established an impressive track record of fighting for lower taxes, less government spending, and less government regulation over our families and businesses alike.

Senator Ortman served as the Chair of the Minnesota Senate Tax Committee where she helped spearhead the effort to eliminate Minnesota’s $6 billion deficit – without raising taxes!

Ortman served as a spokesman for the Senate Republican Caucus and has been an articulate champion for conservative principles.

In particular, unlike some political candidates who pledge toughness in the fight against ObamaCare only now that polls show the marked unpopularity of ObamaCare, Julianne Ortman was speaking out against Obama’s disastrous healthcare scheme since 2009.

Here is Ortman in the Minnesota State Senate urging passage of a resolution calling on Minnesota’s congressional delegation to oppose ObamaCare:

And here is Julianne Ortman’s newest Facebook ad, where she proclaims this great, simple and effective message:  Keep Your Doctor.  Change Your Senator.  Repeal ObamaCare!

Ortman has been a proud defender of our 2nd Amendment rights as well, and that’s why the Minnesota Gun Owners PAC has endorsed Julianne Ortman for U.S. Senate.

And conservative leaders from across America are uniting behind her campaign.  Just last week the fantastic organization that backs conservative women for office, ShePAC, announced they have endorsed Julianne Ortman as well!

Julianne Ortman has won the support of voters time and again – she’s won her last 8 elections including winning re-election to the Minnesota State Senate in 2012 with 65% of the vote – this is the kind of proven winner we need to take on and defeat Al Franken.

Now it’s time to help Julianne Ortman win one more election:  this time to defeat liberal Democrat Al Franken, who has voted for Barack Obama’s agenda 100% of the time according to a vote analsyis conducted by Congressional Quarterly.

The most important thing you can do is to make a contribution to Julianne Ortman’s campaign.  You can contribute online – HERE.

You can make a contribution for any amount from $1 up to the maximum allowed contribution of $2,600 per individual.

Or if you prefer you can mail a contribution to:

P.O. Box 173
Chaska, MN 55318

You can also follow Julianne Ortman’s campaign on Facebook – HERE.

And you can follow Julianne Ortman on Twitter – HERE.

Finally, you can read more of Julianne’s biography and history of fighting for conservative causes at her campaign website:  http://Julianne.mn

Thank you so much for your support of this great Conservative Republican, Julianne Ortman, for U.S. Senate

P.S.  Of all the things that Julianne Ortman has said that impressed us, her comments she made to our team at the Conservative Campaign Committee several days ago really stuck out. Senator Ortman was explaining her philosophy that has guided her involvement in politics, and how she was approached to run for office by her constituents after winning a lawsuit against an aggressive government body.

Ortman then explained to us that her passion to be a public servant was grounded in the following:  “it was based on that win that people in my community asked me to run… because they wanted somebody who could be an assertive citizen, who wouldn’t be afraid to assert constitutional rights and the constitutional limits and constraints to government.”

We need more constitutional conservatives like Julianne Ortman in the U.S. Senate.  Please make a contribution to her campaign and let us help her Defeat Al Franken!

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