Lloyd vs The Bitter Orange Tree

Mary and I spend most of our time on the road traveling the country working to get conservative candidates elected in key races. I am Chairman of Conservative Campaign Committee. We had a rare few weeks at home. I enjoyed it; worked on neglected honey-do projects and piddled around in “Lloyd’s Place” my catch-all shed/workshop.

We live in Florida. When we moved into our home nine years ago, we were excited about the orange tree in our back yard. Unfortunately, the oranges were very bitter and unpleasant. A friend suggested that I draft bark from a sweet orange tree to our tree. He claimed that over time our tree would bear sweet oranges. I never got around to implementing his suggestion.

So, for almost ten years, this tree with bitter fruit which we have never eaten, has been taking up space in the middle of our back yard.

Suddenly, it occurred to me to cut down the tree and replace it with a new sweet orange tree. Mary suggested that we also add a lemon tree. Then I thought, I love cumquats. Why not plant a cumquat tree as well? I got excited.

Wow, look how my thoughts broadened and horizons grew, the moment I opened myself up to change.

Funny how we become accustom to living with useless and unpleasant things in our lives that hold us back from new experiences and fulfilling dreams.

Duty called Mary and me back on the road; headed to Michigan. A half hour before our driver to the airport was scheduled to arrive, I felt there was something else I need to do before leaving home. I ran to my workshop, grabbed my saw and cut down that bitter tasting orange tree. It felt good.

The first order of business upon my arrival back home is to dig up the stump.

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American
Conservative Campaign Committee