This Black Man Appreciates Omaha Police Exposing Black Toddler Cursing Video

cursing toddlerLiberal’s reaction to Omaha, Nebraska police exposing the ignorant thug mindset behind the shocking video of a black toddler cursing is yet another example of liberals getting it all wrong.  It’s all about making themselves feel good — tolerant, superior, and compassionate.  Rather than severely condemning the child’s parents for abusing the toddler, liberals are ripping into the police, calling them racists.


The Omaha Police Officers’ Association is catching heck from the city’s police chief, the ACLU, and at least one community leader.  These liberals accuse the police of antagonizing the city’s large black community.


Insistent on viewing everything along racial lines, liberals fail to realize that the disturbing video is offensive to all decent Americans.  One could call it a bit racist for liberals to assume that Omaha blacks would be more offended by the police than by black parents abusing their child.


A liberal media outlet actually accused the police of using the video to reinforce racial stereotypes that are unfair to the black community.


As a black person, I say to you liberals, “Stop it!”  Your nauseating bigotry of low expectations does not help our cause.  You are nothing more than enablers, along with Sharpton, Jackson, and the modern so-called civil rights advocacy community.


Clearly, declining moral standards and a lack of personal responsibility are devastating the black community; epidemic school dropouts, abortions, out-of-wedlock births, substance abuse, black-on-black crime, and incarcerations.  And yet, anyone daring to point out this huge elephant in black America’s living room, especially if he or she is white, is vilified.


Bitter, lazy, victim-and-entitlement-mindset blacks are celebrated by liberals.  Motivated, ambitious, self-reliant, and proud-to-be-an-American blacks are viewed as suspect by liberals — as traitors to their blackness.


I was appalled when CNN’s Piers Morgan and other liberals in the media condescendingly celebrated Rachel Jeantel, a witness in the Trayvon Martin trial.  Morgan called Jeantel “one smart cookie.”  Jeantel is a 19-year-old black woman who is still in high school and admitted that she cannot read cursive.  Her first language is urban thug, using ignorant terms such as “creepy a** cracka,” which liberals say should be respected as a cultural thing.


On an airplane, I overheard the conversation of a young black woman articulating her desire to attend law school.  As a black person who has always refused to be forced inside the liberals’ box for acceptable black behavior, I suspect that this ambitious black youth has had to endure accusations of her trying to be white — by speaking English correctly, getting good grades and planning for law school.


The way liberals treat blacks in America is disgusting and humiliating.  According to liberals, the destruction of the black family and every other issue plaguing the black community are the result of whitey’s insensitivity, apathy, or conspiring against blacks.  Ridiculous.


Rather than truly dealing with high drug abuse and crime rates in the black community, liberals whine about too many blacks going to jail.  The liberal condescending producers at the Oxygen channel tried to give us a reality show titled All My Babies’ Mommas, celebrating a serial-impregnating black rapper with 11 babies by 10 black women.  How low-rent, low-expectations is that?  The arrogant producers were shocked upon receiving push-back from the black community.


The video of the black toddler cursing was posted online by the perpetrator.  And yet, liberals are having a cow because police exposed the shocking child abuse and alerted the public about the under-reported “thug cycle.”  Why are liberals attacking the messenger?  Answer: publicizing bad behavior by blacks is politically incorrect.


Consequently, the knockout game and polar bear-hunting (blacks punching out whites) goes under-reported by the mainstream liberal media. 


With liberal enablers as our friends, we in the black community do not need enemies.  For decades, these “friends”/advocates have told us we are inferior, in need of lowered educational and moral standards and government intervention to succeed.  Conservative blacks find liberals’ pandering and condescension repulsive and extremely offensive.


Thus, I tip my hat to the Omaha police for exposing the shameful “black toddler cursing” video.


Until liberals honestly address bad black behavior and begin holding blacks accountable, the decline of the black community will continue.  True friends/advocates do not constantly seek to lower the bar; they inspire you to come up higher.

Lloyd Marcus, Unhyphenated American
Chairman: Conservative Campaign Committee