My Conservative Adventure

Like millions of Americans, I was deeply saddened and frustrated that Terry McAuliffe, a dishonorable man propped up by dishonorable people, won against conservative Republican Ken Cuccinelli in the tightly contested race for governor of Virginia.

Talk about birds of a feather — the man who told the biggest lie ever told by a U.S. president to the American people (if you like your plan and doctor, you can keep them) stumps for McAuliffe.

Then there are the Democrats, Republicans, and mainstream media figuratively placing a “Wanted: Politically Dead or Alive” bounty on Ted Cruz for leading the movement to defund the monstrous ObamaCare.  Yes, I have been in the thick of it for most of this year.

Rev Lloyd E. MarcusTaking a brief break from my travels trying to get conservatives elected, I flew to Baltimore to visit my 85-year-old dad.

A young black man drove the shuttle bus from the airport to the car rental location.  Wow, he was awesome.  He took his job seriously.  Like a general, he politely delivered orders that ensured everyone’s safety and comfort.  He said, “Ladies and gentleman, please bear with me.  My job is to get you to your destination safely.”  Feeling his commitment, the crowded passengers gave him a hearty round of applause.  A lesser person would think, I am only a shuttle bus driver.  This young eagle’s job was obviously his ministry.  I tipped him well.

My time with dad was wonderful.  He is the pastor of four churches.  As he passionately shared a highlight from the sermon he preached that Sunday, I thought, “Thank you, God.  At 85, Dad still has it.”  I felt extremely blessed.

A lifelong Democrat, Dad challenged me about the wisdom of “my” Republicans shutting down the government.  I told Dad all the facts that he will never hear on his beloved CNN, like Obama inflicting unnecessary pain on the American people during the shutdown to make Republicans look bad.  To make Republicans look bad, Harry Reid rejected the idea to fund children’s cancer research through the government shutdown.

As for the Democrats’ bogus claim that the poor will suffer and die if we do not continuously raise the debt ceiling, I informed Dad that the government wastes 42 billion dollars a year.

Dad mentioned how God is being banned from the public square.  He feels political pressure to embrace same-sex marriage.  He said, “They have come out of the closet, and we are being forced into the closet.”

I explained how Obama is fundamentally transforming America into liberals’ socialist/progressive dream.  His agenda, which includes same-sex marriage, late-term abortion, amnesty for illegals, gun control, addicting as many Americans as possible to government assistance, and redistribution of wealth, is strongly supported by the Democratic Party, Hollywood, and the mainstream media.

All who dare oppose the administration’s agenda are branded haters and publicly humiliated by pundits and the mainstream media.  Obama uses government agencies such as the IRS to punish those he perceives to be his enemies.

This led to dad and me discussing the claim that the Tea Party is racist.  I told Dad that it was all a despicable, infuriating lie.  I shared about the terminally ill white woman I met at a Tea Party whose daughter told a staffer that her mom said all she wanted to do was to meet Lloyd Marcus before she died.  Dad was stunned.

I shared about the white cowboy and his wife with their two adopted black babies at a Tea Party.

I told Dad that I called NAACP president Ben Jealous a despicable liar during a TV interview for claiming to have seen signs that read, “Lynch Barack Obama” and “Lynch Eric Holder.”  If such signs existed, the media would have exploited the images to the max to further their evil, irresponsible narrative that the Tea Party is racist.  To date, no one on the planet has seen the two signs other than Ben Jealous.

Obama has been lying, pulling the wool over Americans’ eyes for five years.  Dad said something that gave me hope.  He said, “The truth always rises.”  Obama’s approval and trust poll numbers are plummeting.

Back home in Florida, our house sitter was scheduled to pick me up from the airport in my car.  My car broke down at the airport.  The tow truck driver was a young Hispanic man, married, with two very young children.  He was a low-info voter with an attitude reflective of Obama’s view of America.

He expressed bitterness against the rich and even said his skin color was keeping him from succeeding.

My insurance covered the cost of the tow.  Still, I gave him a generous tip, which opened the door for me to bless this misguided young man with a brief lecture.  “Look, forget that skin color crap.  Just pursue your dreams.”  He nodded and said, yes, he would.

All my car needed was a new battery.  The opportunity to positively impact the life of that young father (tow truck driver) was worth the inconvenience — a rewarding end to my conservative adventure, visiting Dad in Maryland and home to Florida.

Lloyd Marcus, Unhyphenated American

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  1. November 16, 2013 at 12:19 pm

    I Love This so much. Really God uses little things to do great wonders. Do you allow me to tell you my story ?
    Hello you all

    Monday 10/12/09 driving home from work @ McDowell road almost to join the 202 all of the sudden the “check engine light” came on it wasn’t flickering but was steady. I know that’s not ok but didn’t remember which one is worse. So I stopped @ a circle K to ask to use their phone and hoping my son was still @ home (he said that as of now I need to take the cellphone with me; you see I should have listened to Jeanette who is telling me over and over again I should have a cellphone with me )

    The woman behind the countertop was so nice. I said sorry for my dirty uniform it has been a “bloody” night. She said she didn’t work nights anymore after she was shot in her face by a robber. That explained me how her face looked like. Then one of the clients a black man, was paying and took money out of his back pocket and money fell on the floor. I said : “Sir, money fell out of your pocket on the floor. You know my mother used to reprimand my dad because he was keeping money loosely in his back pocket and at times lost some while taking out to pay”. He laughed and started talking about honesty and blesings for being honest and how God blesses when you give to others who have less etc…
    I tested him by saying : “ok but how do you explain what happened to us in 2006 : we bought a car for somebody who needed it and couldn’t afford it, we ourselves had to pay it off, and that same week I had my first accident 12,000$ repair and within a month the same car same side again this time 15,000 $ both times by underage drunk drivers ille…… from Sof the B who had NO INSURANCE.(and then I even kept quiet about my husband Samuel who had 2-3 hours to live but then got a double lung transplant, and my dad in the hospital diagnosed with cancer all in one and the same week/month)
    The black man says : yes God tests his people just like he tested Job and it’s mostly when greater graces are coming your way that satan starts attacking you………etc
    Amen to that Sir, I really felt like Job, never revolted though for I know that God has us in His hands and if He allows these things to happen, He knows why, as we have to be purified just as gold is purified in the fire….
    The woman behind the countertop was joining us and we felt the Holy Spirit’s Fire, Peace and Love burning in our souls. When he left the store, I said :” Sir, you made my day!!!” He answered : “and you made mine” we all three hugged each other as brother and sister in the Lord, they gave me a firm handshake with the promise they would pray for me to arrive safely home without engine breakdown.
    At moments like this I praise the Lord and say : you see whether you are white, black, green, yellow, red, it all comes down to LOVE . And I left a very happy person and arrived home safely and so did the car.

    Thank you Lord for using that “checking engine” light to experience this. But I tell you this is only possible in America.

    Love and Peace to all of you and your families.


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