Obama Lied, Keeping Your Plan and Doctor Died

President Obama said, “If you like your health care plan, you can keep it.  Period.”  Obama lied.  Period.


A 2010 IRS form confirms that to sell Obamacare, Obama shamelessly lied to the American people, promising that they could keep their health care plans and their doctors but well aware that at least 10 million Americans would not be allowed to keep either. 


Okay, so Obama got caught lying to the American people again.  So what?  Nothing will happen.  Like Michael Jackson’s famous line in his “Thriller” video, “I’m not like other guys” — and Obama is not like other presidents.  Even after five years of lies and the display of less than admirable character, it is still unacceptable to oppose, challenge, or criticize the first black president.


Frustratingly, I have been like the kid in back of the classroom frantically raising his hand, jumping up and down with excitement, eager to give the correct answer, only to be ignored by the teacher.  For years, I have tried to sound the alarm about Obama’s lies and character flaws…and I’ve been scolded for being a crazed Tea Party zealot and told to lighten up on the rhetoric.  Editors, publishers, reporters, conservatives, and Republicans are still extremely timid about honestly accessing Obama the man.


The American people are suffering the consequences of media and politician’s cowardice, racism, and shirking of responsibility.


For crying out loud, the bombshell that the president of the United States got caught inflicting unnecessary pain on the American people during the government shutdown to create bad press for Republicans should have sparked national outrage.  For the most part, the story received little more than a yawn.  Confirming that Obama lied about the need for shutdown pain, a recent report exposed that the federal government wastes 42 billion dollars a year. 


The late queen of cosmetics, Mary Kay Ash, said, “The speed of the leader is the speed of the gang.”  Obama’s behavior set the tone of his administration.  Thus, Harry Reid callously denying aid to kids with cancer for political gain is simply how the Obama administration rolls


Obama has a history of placing his political needs above all else.  When he was an Illinois senator, to win the radical feminist vote, Obama voted “no” three times to the Born Alive Infants Protection Act.  This bill would grant medical staff legal permission to assist babies who survived failed abortions, dismantling the then-current law which mandated that they leave the baby to die


Surely, our black president would put the education of black kids above personal politics, correct?  Unfortunately, no.  A godsend for black kids, the Washington, D.C. voucher program gave parents options, liberating their children who were trapped in failing violent urban schools.  Test scores went through the roof.  Obama killed the program to secure the teachers’ union vote.


And last but not the least of our president’s lies, let us not forget Obama’s infamous lie to the parents of the two staffers killed in Benghazi and the American people that the terrorist attack on our consulate was a spontaneous mob attack caused by an anti-Muslim video.  This lie protected his political narrative that the war on terror was over. 


So now the media is all abuzz over Obama’s latest whopper: Obamacare allows you to keep your health care plan and your doctor.  Word on the street is that this is the big one.  This time Obama will pay a severe political price for lying.  I pray that these predictions are correct.


Bill O’Reilly has given Obama a pass, saying that he probably did not know that Americans would lose their plan and their doctor.  Hogwash!


Clearly, in the minds of many, Obama is the first black president, and opposing him doing whatever he pleases is still deemed racist.  His character and core beliefs are irrelevant.  We get it.


If media, Democrats, and Republicans persist in their hands-off approach of not holding Obama accountable for anything, his lies and character flaws that cause him to routinely place personal political gain above the best interest of the American people will continue delivering more pain and suffering.


For all intents and purposes, he will be America’s first monarch.  We will be his supplicants.