Tell Obama: We’re Not Intimidated! (Quick History Lesson)


We cannot be silent in the fight for liberty and freedom

In a couple of weeks we will be airing our “Thank You Ted Cruz” TV ads during the Thanksgiving holiday, and these commercials will be an important part of our fight for liberty and freedom.

For weeks liberals attacked Republicans in Congress, most notably Senator Ted Cruz, when they sounded the warning about the damage that ObamaCare would do to this nation.  Liberals want to take away the freedom Americans have to make their own healthcare decisions, and they want that power to now rest with the government.Healthcare costs are rising due to ObamaCare, while healthcare options and choices are dwindling.  And if you don’t comply with the edict of Big Government, then the IRS will punish you.This bad law needed to be stopped.  The American people deserved to be warned.  These are our fellow brothers and sisters, and to have sat back and been silent and not put up a fight as millions of them would soon suffer, would be wrong and immoral.  We are Americans – we are better than that.  We speak up and call out evil and denounce it when we see it.  That is who we are, and that is who we must remain.

But look what happened when Ted Cruz and others did speak out.  They were denounced by liberals and their accomplices in the news media as being “terrorists” and “hostage takers” and the embodiment of the modern day Ku Klux Klan.

We’re fighting back to defend Ted Cruz and thank him for his leadership in the fight against ObamaCare.  Our “Thank You Ted Cruz” TV ads will air over the Thanksgiving holiday, and you can help us purchase airtime for these TV ads by making a contribution online – HERE.

What is amazing about this is that this treatment of Senator Cruz and other Republicans came about only because of their principled – and righteous – opposition to ObamaCare.  Yet, consider the treatment that Democrat politicians received when they engaged in the following far more egregious behavior:

* Democrat Secretary of State Hillary Clinton lied and covered up an attack on our American diplomatic facility in Benghazi, Libya that resulted in the death of 4 Americans including our Ambassador.  She then blew off the families of the victims, and never provided them with an accounting of what happened despite her promises  to the contrary.  The reaction she got from the Left and the news media:  She is being celebrated as a heroic Democrat candidate for president in 2016.
* Democrat Barack Obama befriended Weather Underground domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, who helped launch Obama’s political career at an event held in Ayers’ home.  Ayers co-founded the Weather Underground which described itself as a “communist revolutionary group” that went on to engage in terrorist bombings of American buildings that included a police station, the U.S. Capitol and the Pentagon.  Obama’s pastor of twenty-some years (who officiated Barack’s marriage to Michelle and baptized their children) who screamed about “America’s chickens coming home to roost” said the U.S. got what it deserved in the 9/11 terrorist attacks.  The treatment that Barack Obama received from the Left and the news media:  he was elected, and then re-elected president and celebrated by virtually every journalist in the country as a historic and heroic figure.

* Democrats led by Barney Frank and Maxine Waters, fought to stop investigations into problems at Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae declaring that “we do not have a crisis at Freddie Mac, and particularly at Fannie Mae under the outstanding leadership of Franklin Raines” (Maxine Waters).  Democrat Lacy Clay said the hearings were “about the political lynching of Franklin Raines.”  The treatment these Democrats received for covering up the crisis that would lead to a housing crash and financial services industry meltdown:  Democrats proceeded to blame George Bush for the next 5 years – including up to this day.

We provide the above rundown so you can see for yourselves the playbook of the Left.  They engage in actual, real wrongdoing and then poke their fingers in the face of the American electorate and scream with indignation that they’ve done nothing wrong and any problems that result from their behavior are the fault of Republicans/Conservatives/America.

But when someone like Senator Ted Cruz challenges them and presents a threat to their agenda they demonize him with unrelenting force.

This is why we can’t sit back and be silent and allow them to smear and denounce Ted Cruz and other Republicans in Congress who courageously stepped forward and accurately assessed the disaster that is ObamaCare.  If we let the liberals get away with this they will continue to engage in these tactics, because they will rightly conclude that they work.

We must take this opportunity, while ObamaCare’s failures are fresh in the minds of the American people, and show them that what Senator Ted Cruz did in warning the American people was indeed the right thing to do, and what Barack Obama did in misleading and lying to the American people – and attempting to smear the good name and reputation of Senator Ted Cruz – was an awful and shameful thing to do.

So here’s our strategy:  with the critically important 2014 Midterm Elections coming up we want to play political offense – we want to help shape the narrative:  Republicans were right to oppose ObamaCare, and Barack Obama was wrong to inflict this devastating law upon the American people, and worse he lied about it in order to force this law through Congress.

We start by boosting Ted Cruz’s public profile, with our “Thank You Ted Cruz” TV Ad campaign that will air over the Thanksgiving holiday.  The ad we are producing is a warm, upbeat ad that thanks Senator Cruz for trying to warn the American people that ObamaCare must be stopped or else it would bring real harm to the American people – and the failure of ObamaCare is proving him to be right.

We still need to raise $4,918 to pay for the rest of the production costs of our new ad campaign and you can do your part to support this effort by making a contribution.

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