Conservatives & Fellow Artists: Michael Moore has Met his Match



This is a blessing, friends!


Hi friends, it’s Lloyd Marcus here, and let me tell you, Michael Moore has met his match!  A conservative businesswoman is putting together an exciting documentary that celebrates capitalism and refutes Barack Obama’s decree that:  “You didn’t build that!” – and you have the opportunity to help make this effort a huge success.

Meet Melanie Tipton, Executive Producer of this documentary that declares in bright, bold colors:  “America is Built on Capitalism.”  Tipton is an award winning television broadcaster who was even honored by the Associated Press for her work in television reporting.

Tipton has been involved in numerous conservative causes and campaigns, and I became aware of her great efforts at her Conservative Television website.  She is the owner of Soar On The Wings of Eagles, LLC which produces high quality conservative television programming.

After watching Barack Obama consistently undermining and vilifying capitalism – as he engages in his complete transformation of our great Republic – Melanie Tipton realized something needed to be done.  It won’t be enough to just ‘win’ elections, because if our culture and society increasingly buys into Obama’s argument, then there won’t be any way to win elections for free-market, pro-liberty candidates.

So Tipton has decided to take a page out of Michael Moore’s book:  she’s going to compete in the marketplace of ideas, and engage the American people in a discussion on the merits of capitalism:  and how economic freedom has served as a primary engine for American exceptionalism.

The documentary, “Melanie’s Journey Through Chattanoogaville” will highlight a small business owner’s struggles, rejections, hard work, determination and persistence of trying to build a successful company in today’s sluggish economy.

She will show in this documentary that Capitalism and Free Enterprise are the backbone of America and that’s what makes the United States great and sets it apart from other countries.   The documentary will show that government does not drive economic growth, instead growth comes from the private sector.

Tipton is currently raising the money to fund the production budget.  She needs to raise $55,000 to fund this effort, budgeted out as follows:

* $25,000 – paying for videographers daily rate of filming and their television HD camera equipment
* $20,000-  paying for production cost, editing, graphics and administrative

* $10,000 – paying for travel cost (hotels, car rentals, gas, airline tickets, food, mileage)

We all need to pitch in and help Melanie Tipton raise the $55,000 to get this fantastic documentary produced.  You can make a contribution to the documentary project online – JUST CLICK HERE.

Or if you prefer, you can mail a contribution to:

Soar On The Wings Of Eagles LLC
P.O. Box 1302
Collegedale, Tennessee 37315
Thank you,

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American
Chairman: Conservative Campaign Committee

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