They Call You a Racist – Because You Disagree

Democrat Congressman Calls Us Cross Burners

Democrat Congressman Alan Grayson has sent out a revolting email equating the Tea Party with the Ku Klux Klan and cross burners.

As a black conservative who has been a headliner at hundreds of tea party rallies, and penned the “American Tea Party Anthem,” I take special offense over the hateful words and conduct of Congressman Grayson.

Here’s an excerpt from Congressman Grayson’s disgusting email:

Enough is enough!  In the American Tea Party Anthem I wrote this line:  “So when they call you a racist, because you disagree, it’s just another of their dirty tricks to silence you and me.”  And Congressman Grayson is trying to silence us, to ostracize us and have our views be deemed too radioactive to be a part of today’s political discussion and debate.

Let me tell Congressman Grayson something:  The Tea Party movement was founded by sincere Americans who are saddened by what is happening to this great Republic – the massive deficits, the government takeover of multiple parts of our economy, the loss of individuals liberties.

All the while the media and Democrats have repeatedly smeared us as racists, terrorists, called us names like “tea baggers” etc…  Well it’s time that there be consequences for their unacceptable behavior.

And we’re going to start by holding Congressman Grayson accountable.  Grayson is up for re-election and we’re going to work hard to make sure Grayson is defeated and booted out of the House of Representatives once and for all.

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P.S. It was four years ago that I penned the American Tea Party Anthem – but the message is just as relevant and appropriate today as it was back then.  You can take a listen to the song – HERE.

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