Black America’s True Nemesis: Liberals, Not Zimmerman

travon picIn the midst of all the racial hullabaloo stirred up by so-called advocates for black empowerment after the Zimmerman trail, guess who is really being harmed?  Answer: black America.

All of you black pastors, black politicians, and black celebs who have joined Sharpton and the MSM’s lynch mob to “get Zimmerman” should be ashamed of yourselves.  You are doing a huge disservice to the very people you claim to champion by chasing a straw man while ignoring the real issues that are devastating black America.

Everyone knows that the black community is a mess.  White folks ain’t killin’ us.  We are killing each other.  Over 70 and increasing percent of black kids grow up in fatherless homes.  Researchers warn that we blacks are aborting ourselves into extinction.  Black school dropout rates are at epidemic levels.  Fatherless households and school dropouts fuel through the roof high black unemployment, gangs, and incarcerations.

And yet, all of you so-called defenders of black America are hell-bent on destroying the life of one Hispanic for defending himself.  Displaying remarkable evil intent, the MSM launched a false narrative filled with lies about the incident, not giving a darn about the consequences, like loss of property and lives.

To strengthen their “America is racist” storyline the MSM creatively called Zimmerman a “white Hispanic.”  The MSM edited Zimmerman’s 911 call to make him sound racist.  To gin up black rage, the MSM promoted a photo of Martin as an innocent 12-year-old rather than the 17-year-old 6’2″-160-lb. thug he was at the time of the incident.  Yes, Martin’s history documents that he was a thug.

By the way, black activists saying that the jury declaring Zimmerman not guilty means that it is open season on young black men is pure evil race-baiting crap.  Statistically, blacks are 50 times more likely to assault whites than vice-versa.

You black avengers should be totally outraged that CNN’s white liberal host Piers Morgan presented Rachel Jeantel’s ignorant ghetto language as representative of how we speak in the black community.  Morgan called Jeantel “one smart cookie,” and you knuckleheads probably consider Morgan and his condescending fellow white liberals our friends.

Please forgive my use of “knuckleheads.”  I just find it extremely frustrating that liberals continue to urinate on blacks and tell us it is the Republicans’ fault…and we fall for it.  Liberal pandering has destroyed the black family and continues to wreak havoc in the black community — and my fellow blacks cannot see it.  They continue to kiss white liberals’ derrieres.  Yes, I am frustrated.

In the eyes of a relative of mine, her son could do no wrong.  She created a spoiled brat who grew up to be a jerk — no self-discipline or respect for authority.  His personal relationships were disasters.  He could not keep a job.  He died young.  While I believe that everyone is ultimately responsible for his own behavior, this boy’s mom’s lack of parenting contributed to his demise.

Folks, this is exactly what liberal black leaders and liberal whites having been doing to blacks: refusing to hold us accountable for destructive behavior and making excuses for us.

Real compassion is honestly dealing with the issues plaguing the black community rather than so-called advocates (Democrats and the MSM) using our dysfunction for their political and financial gain.

All of you black celebs and black politicians demanding Zimmerman’s head on a platter make mega-millions of dollars a year.  With blacks being only 12% of the population, you would not be who you are without white support.  Thus, your accusation that America is hostile towards black males is absurd, racist, and worst of all, discouraging to young blacks.

America is the greatest land of opportunity on the planet for all who choose to go for it.  Period!  End of subject!

Black advocates indulging blacks in irresponsible self-destructive behavior serve only to undermine black progress, creating spoiled, entitlement-minded, undisciplined, hopeless, and angry black youths.  Do you guys not see the disservice you are doing to your own people?  It is the same as bad parenting.

But here is what is truly sad and frustrating: every word in this article is true, and yet, liberals, black and white, will read it and seek to silence, punish, and destroy me.  They’ll call me a traitorous sellout, an Uncle Tom, and a self-loathing stupid N-word.

Meanwhile, liberals’ exploitation will further the decline and suffering of black America.  Race-hustling ambulance-chasers like Sharpton will continue seeking opportunities to extort a buck and increase their political power.  Liberals will continue treating us blacks like inferior idiots, demanding lowered standards and expectations.  Lord, help us.

Black males will continue killing each other over the slightest dis.  That 70% rate of black out-of-wed births and fatherless homes will continue rising, along with school dropouts, abortions, unemployment, and incarcerations.  And blacks will continue rewarding liberal Democrats with almost 100% of their vote.

In keeping with liberals’ lowering the bar for blacks, Rachel Jeantel will probably get her own reality TV show.  Millions of black youths will be able to learn “new school,” as Rachel described it, black language — “creepy ass cracka” and “nigga.”  I wonder what her TV show will be titled.  “Rachel Jeantel: She Be All Dat”?

Go ahead and accuse me of not being down with authentic blackness or of being a traitor to my race if you want to, but I will not be tuning into Rachel’s show.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who inspired black excellence, must be turning over in his grave.

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American

29 comments for “Black America’s True Nemesis: Liberals, Not Zimmerman

  1. Mike
    July 27, 2013 at 8:37 am

    Great post. Very much in tune with what my friend Star Parker and Urban Cure has been saying for almost 20 years now. You need to be hanging out with her group of friends, Alan West, Ben Carson, Ken Blanchard, Pastor Donal Sadler, Pastor Ken Hutcherson, Pastor Bruce Rivers and more. Check them out…

    Great Post…

  2. Ricky
    July 27, 2013 at 8:54 am

    I have to agree with you. I am not black, I am an American who knows MLK had it right. There once was a place for Affirmative Action. Now the MSM and Democrats use it as a way of saying “Blacks are to stupid to make it on a level playing field”. I disagree with them. Honesty, integrity and hard work pay off for any man or woman.
    I wonder how much the Black juror was paid to now say she though Zimmerman was guilty. I also wonder why the Sharptons and Democrats are not saying to her then that she is the problem. If she though him guilty then she should have hung the jury and they could have retried him, but she though him innocent at the time and voted that way. Does she really want to see more Americans die just for a few bucks in her pocket? The police will end up killing rioters no matter their race.

    Sad day America.

  3. T. Jones
    July 27, 2013 at 10:08 am

    Loosen the handkerchief tied around your head and get up off of the lap of the white man you work for. African Americans are more than capable of entertaining multiple thoughts and positions simultaneously. This means we can be concerned about Stand Your Ground and Zimmerman as well as the state of our poorer neighborhoods. We can also be concerned about education, domestic violence and perpetual war- all at the same time. Your insistence that we are child like sheep herded from issue to issue serves only to spotlight your lack of contact with the community you claim to be concerned about. We are a community of individuals free to care, vote, worship, love and live as we choose. The problems within our communities are not pathological but sociological and or economic- just like any other community in this country. You are an embarrassment. Do us all a favor and concentrate on serving the community you worship and “advise” them on how to be better. Now run see if your boss desires a cool dipper of water.

  4. July 27, 2013 at 10:31 am

    T. Jones just proved Lloyd’s point about as perfectly as it could be proven. Lloyd predicted this would be the response he’d get from those who follow the race-baiters such as Al Sharpton, and within an hour along comes the predicted response from those who are so blind to not see the cycle-of-dependency that is causing so much harm to black communities in America.

  5. T. Jones
    July 27, 2013 at 12:38 pm

    Of course he “predicted” my response accurately- because it’s the correct response to someone inflicted with self hatred and loathing. Ask your sycophant to publish links to his blog posts about the richness of his African heritage. Ask your toady to publish links to his blog posts about young African American scholars and captains of industry. Ask your footstool to blog about the perseverance and fortitude of the African American community. He can’t because his job is to parrot all that is negative about people who share his skin color. His job is to strip the African American community of respect and dignity by amplifying the negative and ignoring the positive. He seeks to curry favor by deriding his own and that is the sorriest example of a man. His behavior wouldn’t be tolerated were he Italian, Irish, Jewish, Latino or a member of any grouping of people who make up this country and it isn’t tolerated by astute African Americans. As all Americans he is free to vote and espouse whatever political viewpoints he chooses,but he is not free to denigrate my heritage, insult my intelligence or cast aspersions on my community without hearing from me.

  6. Pete
    July 27, 2013 at 12:44 pm

    Joe, you are spot on about T. Jones.

  7. mmmjv
    July 27, 2013 at 1:09 pm

    A sad article indeed. The assertion that Martin was a thug for example, I clicked on the link and found that what made him a thug was he had been suspended from school, and once had a screwdriver in his possession.

    BTW Rachel Jeantel speaks three languages. How many do you speak?

  8. Steve Peterson
    July 27, 2013 at 1:22 pm

    I wonder if T. Jones and all the others that think the Zimmerman verdict was an “injustice” also “danced a jig” when O.J. Simpson was pronounced “not guilty” in the killing of two whites in spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary? (Maybe we need T-shirts………”I am not Nicole Simpson/Ron Goldmann”!)

    There are several key points that prosecution tried to promote about Zimmerman:

    1) He was “white” (he was actually Hispanic)

    2) He “racially profiled” Martin because he was “black”. That is just “HERESAY” and couldn’t be “proven” in court. Zimmerman saw a guy with a “hoodie” on entering the neighborhood. (Gang members in the area were KNOWN to wear hoodies). We don’t KNOW if he actually saw Martin’s skin color or saw him “from behind in his hoodie”. That doesn’t mean that he was right in “pursuing” Martin (after being told not to)……but that does NOT mean he was “racially profiling” him in doing so!

    3) They tried to make it a “black vs white thing”! Lloyd Marcus is RIGHT on what he says. God forbid we should have a CONSERVATIVE black guy fighting against “opportunists” Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson!

  9. July 27, 2013 at 2:17 pm

    I am a woman living in New Orleans and I am white. It makes me ill when I open my newspaper and read yet again about the black on black violence. It’s everyday! I just don’t get it!!!! Why!!! Why is there so much hatred in the black community among one another? And to pick up a gun and shoot another human being is damn serious stuff. Yet they do it day after day like brushing your teeth. Are they raised like that? Is it Mom’s fault? or is it Dad’s fault for running away? I don’t know!!! What are they so angry about? White people have same problems. Fatherless children, not enough money to pay house notes and sometimes we have to live off bread and peanut butter. We can’t find jobs either. This is a problem for the masses, not just the blacks. The Government is screwing everyone! So why do they take one another’s lives without disregards for anybody other than themselves, Where’s the empathy! Were they not taught empathy at home? Merle, this is good reading. and I agree with you! MLK had dream, for all Americans. But especially for his own race. What happened to that dream? God made all man equal. The color of a persons skin should Not make a damn difference. Integrity and Loyalty is available for all of mankind.

  10. T. Jones
    July 27, 2013 at 3:03 pm

    I share your concerns and I have my own questions. Why do white people shoot other white people? Just over 85% of white murders are committed by white people. Is it meth? Is it lack of education, jobs, alcohol addiction, low self esteem, poverty, mental illness, lack of parental supervision? What is it that drives young white men to slaughter each other? What is it that drives young white men to commit horrendous mass murders month after month year after year. And how can any parent allow a loaded gun to fall into the hands of a child much less a four year old? What has gone wrong and what can be done?

    Could it be because we live in an increasingly violent environment that pays too little attention to the proliferation of handguns? Could it be that we live in an increasingly class conscious environment that puts roadblocks in between low income Americans and higher education?

    Could it be that we all suffer from the same maladies but allow ourselves to be diverted by true race hustlers like Lloyd Marcus who would rather we think the problem lies with “others” and not with ourselves. That we’re fine on this side of the tracks- it’s those other people who are out of control. Could it be that we’re all suffering?

  11. A. C. Eck
    July 27, 2013 at 7:02 pm

    Isn’t it ironic: 150 years after the Republicans ended slavery, so many of the slave’s great-grand children still cling blindly to the party of their former masters, the Democrats?
    Lloyd, I applaud you for using your head and speaking your mind, instead of spouting ‘The Master’s Doctrine’ that so many do without bothering to think about it! You are the kind of man Dr. King was hoping would one day be common in the US. Maybe one day it can still happen.

    July 28, 2013 at 6:38 am

    Mr. Marcus, I have read the comments on this page and I still support your point of view although there are a few that seem down right hostile toward you and what you wrote. Most of the negative remarks, such as the one saying that Mr. Martin only had a screwdriver in his possession did not complete the picture by also saying that he had women’s jewelry in his possession. Somehow, that reader still did not want to face the truth. There was another who told you to loosen your do rag from your head. I am sorry that these people found it necessary to attack you. It is a shame when all the facts are given and some are so blinded by their bigotry and hatred that they refuse to see the truth. I am sorry that Mr. Martin was killed, I am sorry that this nation is so divided. As you pointed out, the only way to fix many of our problems, not only for the black community but also for the whites, is getting back to the importance of family, quality guidance for our children, and getting away from blaming others. Please continue to speak the truth, there are many out here that support and appreciate your candor and realistic view of the world. Our Black community, as well as the white community, need to see a Martin King type of person come forward and not only point out the inequalities of the past but point us all in a better and different direction.

  13. Gail
    July 28, 2013 at 7:27 am

    Thank you, sir, for your article. I found it comforting as, for the last year or so, I’ve sometimes felt I’d been living in an alternate Universe. I’m white. I hate blacks? I never knew that. I don’t loathe Obama because of his anti-American policies – I dislike him because he is half black? I didn’t know that. I lock my doors when i get in my car because I am afraid of black people? Damn. i thought I did it because i don’t want to be carjacked, raped or murdered by anyone of any color. (And I’ll continue locking my doors even if it offends the oh so easily offended King Obama.) The country is filled with white people eagerly awaiting the opportunity to gun down or lynch a black person? Didn’t know that either. Nor do I know anyone who does feel that way. I do see that sort of hatred on social media sites, but on investigation, those people seem to be equal opportunity haters. They hate Jews, Fags, Niggers, Honkeys, Crackers, dogs, in laws, husbands, wives, and apparently – the English language, as they all seem intent on its destruction. What I have been amazed at is the patronization of the media toward blacks. Jeantel is one smart cookie? Seriously? The woman was unintelligible. And every news outlet was making excuses, justifying, actually lauding her for her inability to read or speak clearly. I wanted to slap someone. Where is the person that girl needs? The person who will say, “Stop it. You’re better than that. You are perfectly capable of learning to read. You are perfectly capable of speaking clearly the English language. Do NOT limit yourself this way. And if someone is making excuses for you that will in no way improve your life? Question that Preston’s motives.”
    I am also baffled at people like T Jones, who attack with plantation/slave/Uncle Tom references, any black person who does not toe the party line. I’m just about 100% certain that neither you nor Mr. Jones have ever served as slave on anyone’s plantation – but I don’t have a dog in that fight…sorry.
    Thanks again for your clarity. I think you might be just who MLK was hoping for.

  14. Loral O
    July 28, 2013 at 11:07 am

    Thank you for writing this well-thought out article. Fifty years of hard work by both races to come together in friendship has been undone, with Obama and Holder making a case out of the Zimmerman trial that did not exist. Our leaders called in Jackson and Sharpton to once again divide us by race and those two made a wonderful living by doing just that.

    I’m sorry that T. Jones has a difficult time accepting facts but you did well in trying to get them out for anyone who may care. I took this information from Wikipedia and think it bears repeating: “Of the nearly 770,000 violent interracial crimes committed every year involving Blacks and Whites, Blacks commit 85 percent and Whites commit 15 percent.

    Blacks commit more violent crime against whites than against blacks. Forty-five percent of their victims are white, 43 percent are Black, and 10 percent are Hispanic. When Whites commit violent crime, only three percent of their victims are Black.

    Blacks are an estimated 39 times more likely to commit a violent crime against a White than vice versa, and 136 times more likely to commit robbery.”
    These are facts that need to be changed, but will require people who can admit to their truth before they can change it.

    In my opinion, a lot of this is due to the stirring done by Sharpton, Jackson, Rev Wright and other rich blacks who get their wealth teaching them they can do no better in life. People who feel unvalued become depressed and in the do-not-care attitude that comes with depression, commit more crimes. “Hurt people hurt people”. They need to be lifted by their own communities, not shoved backwards.

    We all need to accept a jury verdict since this is the law of our land. It’s not perfect, but it is better than any other method around the world. Everything about OJ’s trial, including the DNA, indicated his guilt and yet he was found not guilty. No one rioted at 2 white people having their heads cut almost off, even though it was sickening. We accept our laws or we break them and make life worse.

    It seems to me that nearly all horrible things that man does is done from ego. People get mad that someone cut them off on the road and kill them. Only to spend the rest of their life in prison. Probably wondering daily why they killed someone they never even knew. Where ego is too strong, spirit is less. We need to reverse that and make spirit stronger and ego less.

  15. T. Jones
    July 28, 2013 at 1:20 pm

    I have no difficulty accepting facts- fabrications on the other hand are irritating and do more harm than good.

    Scholarship is key. The information you quoted is not in fact from Wikipedia but from “Metapedia”. The distinction is important because Metapedia is a site designed to, according to their mission statement, advance a “pro-European” viewpoint by providing research for pro European activists. They are also dedicated to providing an “alternate” source of information which will counter that provided by groups like the Anti Defamation League, the Simon Weisenthal Center, The Southern Poverty Law Center and Searchlight. Once again, this is from their mission statement included on their website. I understand that I’m in the wrong place to make this point and that real discourse is not the objective here, but I’ll suggest that the “facts” you’ve provided about African American criminal proclivities are less than accurate because the source you quote is dedicated to advancing false and in some instances racist “facts” regarding African Americans and Latinos.

    If you want a far more accurate set of statistics here is a link to the actual FBI Crime stats for 2011. The information used here is based on the UCR.

    Take a look, there’s nothing here for anyone to be proud of- white, African American or otherwise. But if you’d really like to educate yourself regarding crime in the United States, these pages are a good place to start. Get out your calculator and figure out your own facts.

    African Americans don’t need Rev Sharpton, Jackson or Rev. Wright (really, Rev. Wright?) to point out injustices and inequity in this country anymore than you need Republican shills like Lloyd Marcus to tell you that something is wrong. You know this is a violent country and that poverty and violence often go hand in hand. You also know that the dollar in your hand doesn’t go as far as it used to and takes twice as much work to get.

    Believe less of what you’re told and more of what you see.

  16. T. Jones
    July 28, 2013 at 1:31 pm

    @AC Eck
    Even a casual student of American history would know that the Democratic Party of the 19th century is not the Democratic Party of the 21st. High school kids know this, surely you’re aware?

  17. jk
    July 29, 2013 at 11:41 am

    Another profound article by Lloyd, a man that looks beyond race and speaks to the core of humanity. He knows the black dysfunction first-hand and offers a difficult, but realistic solution by looking at oneself (Jesus’ “throw the first stone”). As anyone knows, blaming others’ for all one’s ills is immature, irresponsible and filled with hate.

    By all accounts, Martin initiated the violence, did not back down when the so called “threat” was over, and wanted to kill Zimmerman. And the MSM turned the defender of his life into a criminal, while making the criminal a hero (the poisonous, upside-down world of PC). Even if Martin somehow was not all the above, the very fact that there are so many black men who are intimidating and very easily offended to react with force (ie, thug), colors all Americans’ perception, and Zimmerman had a right to be suspicious. What should he have done, “lie down with the wolf and viper?” Most citizens are not Obama with bodyguards who can superficially describe what we feel when we see suspicious-looking black men approach us. We will lock the doors and try to avoid any interaction since the FBI files are full of statistics to prove this valid response.

    For black people to state that America is still racist is comically insane! Hello to the likes of T Jones: We have a black president; are you awake? When will racism be over in this country according to the fake-liberals (who are really Marxists)? When all the citizens will be equalized, whether in riches or in poverty! That is the basis of “community” in communism-the equal masses who toil hard and live in harmony, while being “safeguarded” by the ruling elite. Trouble is that this has not worked in real life so far, but only spawned millions of exterminations worldwide. So get off the high-horse of false the and impossible “equality”. One can make something of their life by working hard and persevering under duress–and this is begotten by a proper and nourishing family upbringing, something that is severely lacking in ghetto families. It is not economics but psychology that is the arbiter of human development, one only has to speak to the many workers who deal with the black ghetto citizens. If the workers where truly able to speak, they would reveal that once a child is “hardened” by the inter-familial violence, it is almost impossible to undo, no matter how much money and effort (liberalism) is put in. Unfortunately, the victim will spiral downwards and use up more and more federal money just to keep it safe and minimally functioning; in the long-run, it will be dependent on the government whether through disability or prison.

  18. T. Jones
    July 29, 2013 at 12:45 pm

    Hello to you jk
    We had a female Secretary of State (quick who was it? no googling!) does that mean sexism is dead?
    Question number 2. What is a Marxist? No googling now!

    Ready go! You have 5 minutes.

  19. July 30, 2013 at 5:26 pm

    This article is supported by half-a-dozen inaccurate statements. A more in-depth analysis can be found here:

  20. elijahx
    July 30, 2013 at 5:50 pm

    T. Jones Says: Nice comparison of the 85% bit. But you are obviously extremely smart and know you cannot view all statistics at face value. Some must be considered in proportion to the population. Entirely difference conclusion when you look at White on White murder in relation to their population and Black on Black in relation to theirs.

  21. Pingback: » August 1, 2013
  22. T. Jones
    August 2, 2013 at 9:26 am

    You seem like a smart guy. How many murders does it take before you have a problem? Are African American murders worse because of their proportion and are white murders not that big a deal because there are millions more white people? I say one murder is one too many regardless of the color of the victim or the murderer.

    Additionally, I think one serial murderer is one too many. If your real concern is humanity, you can’t focus on drug related murders in poor African American communities and ignore the slaughter of children in middle class white communities.

  23. Nathan
    August 3, 2013 at 3:47 pm

    There is so much wrong with this article I don’t know where to begin. Obiviously you’re just playing into the prejudices of your white conservative viewers. I highly doubt conservative people care about black people or will make things better. Every republican admistration since Eishenhower has made things worse for black people. I agree a lot with what T Jones had to say. Conservatives have a long history of mistreating black people and they still do. They only want to increase sentences on minor crimes and target only black people. Look at how they have a school to prison pipeline in all their states they run.

  24. Don F.
    August 6, 2013 at 3:01 pm

    “Every republican admistration since Eishenhower has made things worse for black people.”

    Nathan, if what you say is true, then we are living in the utopian age for blacks. Under Obama, and the principles of the democrat party, black unemployment must be running close to 5% and Black teen unemployment must be running at about 9%. Ah yes, there is a big difference in the actual verses the perceived.

    When and if blacks wake up to what the democrat party is foisting upon them, you will sing a different story. The black political leaders of today do not give a wit about the problems of blacks. The black political leaders can use the unrest created by the democrat party to solidify their standing in the democrat party, and that is all they care about.

    Only one word comes to mind and it comes to mind because you do it to yourselves, and that word is —–suckers. And it is being whispered by black leaders.

  25. Don F.
    August 6, 2013 at 4:55 pm

    Here is an interesting statistic.

    In the 513 days between Trayvon dying and the verdict, 11,106 African-Americans have been murdered by other African-Americans. It is clear that the black community faces some big problems.

    It is also clear that many of those problems cannot be blamed on racism.

  26. Honest Abe
    August 9, 2013 at 2:11 pm

    Many doubtless think that Obama was cool in speaking of Trayvon Martin and overall racial injustice toward blacks in America. However, his move is subjective. He’s thinking, naturally enough, as a black person, a black man who knows. like everyone else knows, what’s going on.

    But that’s not “it” if you see Obama’s role as the President of everyone, .e.g., white folks including haters, in the United States. Even he, the sort of objective guy that likes to stand apart, pull things apart, and make clean and piercing statements on what he analyzes, was heir to his natural identity and empathy with his people. Alright. But not entirely so.

    I hear black folks speaking about Earl Grant and the Trayvon Martin tragedy as two examples of the same thing. Ain’t so.

    The movie,Fruitvale, was about a remarkable human being, Oscar Grant, as documented and witnessed, shot in cold blood by a policeman. It was also recorded on video. Evidence, plenty of it, is there.

    I cannot compare, say, the elective “legal” execution of Stanley “Tookie” Williams

    by Ex-Gov Schwarzenegger or the elective assassination of Oscar Grant by an Oakland policeman with the Zimmerman case.

    However, without analyzing or evaluating what’s right and wrong, one fact stands out. We, as a racially fractured nation, are having some sharp differences of opinion.

    Mr. Obama, as POTUS, doesn’t want to make that worse. (Forget
    for a second who is right or wrong.) He, as POTUS, doesn’t want to make things worse.

    Obama did make things worse because he is only human,
    not the perfectly tuned and adored man of objectivity and seam free cool . He’s
    not. Beside which the man wants to exercise who he is. He felt and spoke and
    acted as a black man in America. Okay! However highly you may esteem the worth of what he said , he made things worse. That’s why we’re seeing this reaction. He has unconsciously aided and abetted the cause of the haters.

    This is crazy sh*t and even the POTUS got sucked into it. He should have stayed outside of it. I don’t mean not talk! Best of all would have been if Obama stayed

    Not that what he said was “wrong”. It was unwise in a way we can look at. The increased racism from the haters is exactly due to what Obama (the sometimes President to all) said. That’s the point. Results. What did his actions create.

    If you take a longer view, you could say that Obama bravely stands up for truth and this will reap rewards for all of us over time. I could say that but can’t
    know that for sure. What we do know is
    that the writer of this article
    – in speaking of the mind bending craziness of the haters – did not address the actual cause. Of course, it’s around the Trayvon Martin murder The POTUS just made it worse – that’s all – if we’re looking solely at what is increasing the racial divide and flushing it out. It’s just another view, a practical results view.

    It takes a great communicator to work with all the elemental and archetypal forms of ignorance. Even so, the POTUS has to go beyond. Think of Malcolm X after he visited Mecca. He saw a vision of racial Unity while not losing his discernment or outspoken style. I don’t think Obama has had his Mecca moment yet. I think he is acting out a little and more willing to show his racial affiliation. What I mean to say, is that his role is bigger than what Spike Lee tells him it is.

    If he can figure out a way to truly resolve and de-escalate racial divisiveness
    he will be a great President. Can he?

    Results are the measure of greatness. Can Obama be the Great President? That would be something. I don’t know if he has that.

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