The GOP’s $10M Could Fund Long-Suffering Under-Funded Black Conservative Outreaches

All over TV, Democrat pundits along with the MSM are laughing their derrieres off and putting a negative spin on the Republicans announcing that they will spend 10 million dollars on minority outreach.  Usual suspect Al Sharpton said in reference to the GOP outreach, “Money can’t buy us.

Republicans believe the left’s spin that they lost the presidential election because they are the party of old white guys and stuffy goody-two-shoes values.  In keeping with their characteristic bigotry of low expectations, the left advised the GOP to lower the bar to attract minorities, making the party more inclusive.  As a black person, I find this offensive.  And we all know that the left wants to help the GOP win new voters.

Unfortunately, it looks like the GOP is going to soften its stand on key issues.  Rather than applauding the GOP for taking their advice, people on the left are poking fun, calling the GOP outreach a joke.

While I strongly disagree with Republicans sacrificing principles, I have been after the GOP to reach out to minorities, educating them as to the benefits of conservatism, for years.  Their response has been “Why bother?  Blacks are going to vote Democrat no matter what.”

Beyond attracting voters, we are morally obligated to set minorities free — free from the Democrats’ hideous, relentless mantra that minorities are inferior.  Dr. Ben Carson nailed the Democrats’ relationship with minorities when he referred to “a class of people where we kind of pat them on the head and say, ‘There, there, you poor little thing. We’re going to take care of you.'”

My concern is that the GOP is about to make a huge mistake, wasting 10 million dollars attempting to sell Liberalism Lite to low-info minority voters.  The key to winning new voters is to educate them in the benefits of conservatism.

Black conservative Dr. Ben Carson has become an instant media superstar by touting conservative principles and values at the National Prayer Breakfast, inspiring many on both sides of the political aisle.

Despicably, the MSM have made black conservatives, for the most part, invisible to minorities.  Had the media and Democrat pundits not deemed Dr. Carson’s speech offensive to Obama, who was in attendance, Dr. Carson’s speech would not have made the news.

I have noticed this disparity for years.  Black self-reliance is not welcome in the mainstream media.  Only whiny blacks who say America sucks and they became successful in spite of our racist, sexist, and homophobic country get to sit on Oprah’s couch.

On rare occasions when the MSM exposes a black conservative to minorities, he or she is presented as an anomaly, a weird, self-loathing Uncle-Tom traitor to the race, betraying Obama.

There appears to be an MSM ban on patriotic non-whiny successful blacks.  For example: Herman Cain is a gifted businessman, the former CEO of Godfather Pizza, and the former president of the National Restaurant Association.  And yet, most blacks had never heard of Mr. Cain until Obama’s media attempted to destroy him in his bid for the White House.

Heaven forbid black youths see a black businessman who achieved extraordinary success the old-fashioned way — by earning it — rather than through affirmative action or some other Democrat program.

The GOP minority outreach should include Reach Your Dreams rallies in black communities, featuring minority conservative speakers and entertainers.  Dr. Carson’s popularity proves the persuasive power of unfiltered conservatism.  Imagine the impact on minorities hearing black conservatives such as Herman Cain, young Hispanic conservative rapper Politik, others, and myself live on stage — looking us in the eye and hearing the truth and compassion in our stories.  Many would see the light!

Sponsoring Reach Your Dreams rallies and other long-suffering under-funded black conservative outreaches is the wisest way for the GOP to spend its $10 mil.  Frances Rice of Black Republican Magazine and Mychal Massie of Project 21, to name only a few, have been fighting on the front lines, preaching conservatism to minorities for several years…and receiving little to no support from the GOP.

The GOP must do a better job showcasing black conservatives.

Unquestionably, the left will deem GOP efforts to expose minorities to black conservatives exploitative.  Well, duh!  They want us to fail.  Please tell me our side is done with allowing the left to set the rules of engagement.

Defaulting to Liberalism Lite is not the way to win low-info minority voters.  The most inclusive and compassionate outreach campaign is one which informs minorities that the Yellow Brick Road to reaching their dreams is conservatism.

GOP, call me.  Let’s get these Reach Your Dreams rallies started.

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American

2 comments for “The GOP’s $10M Could Fund Long-Suffering Under-Funded Black Conservative Outreaches

  1. March 31, 2013 at 4:30 pm

    I agree with you about the rallies, I think that could work. I don’t know that $10 million dollars is enough. I would imagine the GOP has more money than that, and the more they pledged to this effort, the more seriously they would be taken.

    The door to door thing–I don’t know how well that is going to work. I also wonder how much per hour they are going to pay these outreach workers–I think there would be a strong correlation between how much they pay and the caliber of employees they get for this effort. It will be interesting to see what happens.

  2. Nathan Johnson
    April 1, 2013 at 3:47 pm

    If you re-read this article and can’t see how you are being belittling cons ending towards blacks and minorities, then your party has a very long way to go. Sometimes I think minority conservatives are intentionally condescending just to conitue to be paid tokens. A lot of your articles are very insulting and condescending towards blacks as are with the vast majority of your white counter parts.

    When a black person visits a conservative website it is usually rampant with racism bigotry and negative stereotypes that are a throw back to the 1920’s. Your party is constantly attacking poor people as lazy just because they ask for assistance, but somehow you are for the little guy. You need to fix your party first before you can have any serious minority out reach.

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