Lincoln vs Obama’s Born-Again America

In his Gettysburg Address, President Abraham Lincoln acknowledged that America was “conceived in Liberty.” Lincoln could never imagine voters supporting a president aborting Liberty to rebirth America conceived in Government. Obamacare is the equivalent of America born-again conceived in government.

In the classic movie, “Planet of the Apes”, Charleston Heston crash landed his spacecraft on a strange planet where apes were superior to humans. Shocked to realize that the strange planet was really earth several years into the future, Heston cried out in devastation, pain and anger at man, “Damn you! Damn you all to hell! You blew it up!”

I believe President Lincoln would have a similar reaction, returning to America today. Devastated and disbelieving, Lincoln would ask, how did this happen?

The Left began copulating the minds of voters many years ago to impregnate voters with their seed of Socialism to birth a new America conceived in Government. Democrat President Roosevelt was a Founding Seducer in the Left’s scheme to have voters seek security in Government.

Decades ago, the Left successfully banned prayer in public schools which taught children that God and traditional morality were no longer welcome. Seizing the moment, like locust, socialist/progressives swarmed into schools indoctrinating our kids with their “new morality” – anti-Christian, anti-parent, anti-American and pro-homosexuality. These Leftist’s agenda included branding Christianity fanatical while teaching respect and sympathy for Islam. Patriotism was redefined as rude to foreigners – Capitalism is immoral and selfish – opposing gay marriage is prejudice, equal to the black civil rights movement.

While sipping our coffees at Starbucks (President Lincoln unbelieving the price of our Javas), I continue explaining to the stunned former U.S. president how we got to where we are in America today.

Mr President, you won’t believe this, but individual liberty and achievement are attacked at every turn on TV, in movies and the media. It is a box on the wall projecting images – never mind, I’ll explain later.

The Oprah Winfrey TV show along with a media dominated by liberals and the Democratic Party contributed to creating the mindset in voters that everyone is a victim of someone or something. Their usual imaginary villains are rich racist male Caucasians.

The Left has created a touchy-feely culture, in which self-esteem and hurt feelings now trump common sense and individual responsibility.

Thanks to your efforts, Mr Lincoln, America elected its first black president. The bad news is he trashes the Constitution, whenever, which is often, it interferes with implementing his Socialistic agenda.  Sadly, dumb-down public-school-educated feelings-trump-law voters see no problem with government usurping un-Constitutional power.

Ben Franklin said, “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety”.

No Sir, Mr. Lincoln, voters did not learn of Franklin’s quote in school. Public schools ceased teaching true U.S. History many years ago.

Because feelings now trump law, in the name of safety and compassion, government control/regulations have been allowed to become tyrannical. Federal regulations have quadrupled under Obama, stifling business.  A tsunami of new Obama regulations are on the horizon. Meanwhile, idiot Obama voters believe the lack of jobs is President Bush’s fault. I guess you’re right sir (President Lincoln), calling voters idiots is probably not the best thing. But, the catastrophic consequences of their stupidity is breathtaking.

Mr Lincoln, government continues to usurp more and more control over every aspect of our lives including the calories we consume. The First Lady decided that she knows better than parents what to feed their children. As a result, federal agents confiscated a preschooler’s lunch prepared by her mom and forced her to eat government approved Chicken Nuggets.

The mayor of New York banned the sale of sugary drinks over 16oz. As a nation, we laughed and thought it absurd. But, there was no real opposition which resulted in a ban on super-sized drinks in the Big Apple.

Here’s a biggy Mr. Lincoln, the Second Amendment is soon to go the way of the dinosaur. Government, remarkably with voter approval, is in the progress of disarming Americans. Thus, leaving citizens at the mercy of criminals and government to do with us as they please.

Where is our country headed when you consider that Adolf Hilter also disarmed the people and used give-a-ways to seduce supporters?

Sir, I could go on and on with examples of Americans foolishly and stupidly surrendering liberties to government for the fairy-tale promise of safety, security and a free-lunch. I know what you are thinking sir, there is no such thing as a free-lunch. Somebody has to pay the bill. Unbelievably, the Left’s new morality has redefined “fairness” to mean government confiscating from achievers and redistributing to entitlement junkies.

Mr President (Lincoln), it has been awesome hanging out with you. Sir, I know it looks really really bad right now. I share your tears for our country. I promise to keep fighting for the values and principles we both know are right and best for all Americans. I am chairman of a new organization called the Conservative Campaign Committee.  Our ultimate goal is to convince a majority to reject Obama’s born-again America and return back to your America – conceived in Liberty.

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American
Chairman, Conservative Campaign Committee

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  1. January 19, 2013 at 7:17 pm

    I shared the article about the school lunch on my personal facebook page, because that was disturbing.

    but re: gay marriage. the reality is not everyone is a Christian, consequently not everyone is going to see homosexuality as some kind of sin. While the links between the gay rights struggle and black civil right struggle, may be tenuous–there are many more similarities between gay marriage and interracial marriage.

    Interracial marriage is a choice, just like some people think being gay is a choice. Some people think interracial marriage is unnatural and goes against God; some people believe the same about gay marriage.

    If the response is, “Well, interracial couples can have children.” Some heterosexual couples cannot have children because of physical problems; other heterosexual couples just choose not to have children. Should those people be banned from being married? Is being married all about raising children?

    If the issue is gay people trying to “shove their gayness down people’s throats” (i.e. demanding to get married at churches, suing for discrimination, etc.) I will grant that that is possibly a compelling argument.

    But I think the vast majority of gay couples have no interest in going on a crusade to force people to accept them, they just want the same rights and privileges that heterosexual couples are allowed to have by becoming legally married. Rights and privileges that under the 14th amendment, they are legally entitled to. And if that’s a problem, then perhaps the government should have never gotten involved in marriage, conferring all sorts of perks onto married people–that doesn’t really seem to be what the government is for.

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