The Black Divider-in-Chief

When our Rebuild America Defeat Obama tour bus rolled into downtown Dayton Ohio, the hostile vibe from blacks on the streets filled the air. A young black man called our team, Romney and Ryan “M-F-ers” before walking away. I went to find a restroom and passed a group of young blacks on a street corner murmuring about our tour buses. A young black staffer on our team said he thought he was going to have to break out his Chuck Norris skills.

Clearly, our team was at risk. I am grateful to report that the Lord had our backs and nothing serious happened. However, I could not help thinking, “This extreme racial tension and polarization is the fault of the irresponsible Chicago thug in the White House.”

One could argue that it would be the same if any other black were president. I think not. A responsible black president would discourage his supporters from using race to further his agenda and win reelection. A president worthy of the office would understand that national racial unity is fragile and precious; not something to be exploited to win policy issues or sacrificed on the reelection alter. But only a person of character would think such high thoughts. A minister said there is nothing worse than a small person in a big position.

Obama has proven himself to be a “small” man, lacking in character. Not only is Obama incapable of taking the higher ground to discourage racial cliches, he stirs the pot of racial stereotypes and false assumptions. Heck, Obama’s minions have made “race” the centerpiece of his reelection campaign. Their message is simple. Anyone not voting for Obama is a “hater” and a “racist”. Dear Lord, how did we as a nation come to expect so little in terms of the morality and character of our leaders? Obama runs America like a mob boss with young zombie blacks, his bully Justice Department and SEIU/ACORN thugs as his enforcers.

We are all familiar with the numerous occasions in which our president has despicably used race. Obama’s minions launched a campaign to brand all who opposed Obamacare racist. Before knowing the facts, Obama said cops do profile blacks and Hispanics and that they acted stupidly in the Gates case. He said small town Americans cling to religion and guns and do not like those who do not look like them. Obama also accused small-towners of being anti-immigrant.

In response to the Trayvon Martin shooting, Obama said if he had a son, he would look like Trayvon. Why is that relevant other than to interject race? Obama launched a campaign ad titled, African-Americans for Obama. When is the Caucasian-Americans for Romney ad coming? The mainstream media would have a cow.

A video resurfaced showing Obama basically telling blacks that the government does not like them. Thus, concluding that racism made aid to post-Katina New Orleans slow. This is the man in our White House folks.

Had blacks such as JC Watts or Condoleezza Rice been elected president, I do not believe that we would see a racial line dividing the heart of America. Brother and sister Americans, we deserve much, much better than Barack Hussein Obama.

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American

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  1. October 15, 2012 at 2:53 pm

    Thanking God for you, and for finding your pages! We need to pray so very hard to defeat those who shred our Constitution. AND, we need to pray for a revival of the Church, or we are ruined.

  2. October 18, 2012 at 9:17 am

    I get the distinct feeling that my words will fall on deaf, ideologically-bound ears, but I will indulge myself nevertheless. Obama a “divider?” All this talk about birth certificates, “being a secret Muslim,” being “foreign-born,” a “race-baiter,” and the like comes from the ideological right…the extreme right at that. It seems the branch of the ideological spectrum which you represent goes out of its way to manufacture a caricature of Obama which not only exist solely in the minds of the conservative fringe, but designed to elicit the most negative of emotions from “real Americans.” The conservative rights goes out of its way to use more subtle race-baiting tactics to demonize Obama (Gingrich’s “food stamp” remark, and Santorum’s “give your money to black people” remarks cater to suburban white fears about blacks). And let’s not forget, the late Lee Atwater used the Willie Horton ads, to great effect…the same with Jesse Helms and Strom Thrumond when they were running for their seats in Congress (interracial innuendo ads and affirmative action ads scaring voters who fear that their jobs” were given to less qualified individuals). But I guess conservatives don’t race bait (or will you invoke the all-too-predictable “qualifier,” “yeah, but THAT’S different…?”). Some you all need to get off your sanctimonious soap boxes and see reality through the eyes of clear thinking, not the prism of ideology. That’s my contribution.

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