Felecity and Adrian Tristan Shine!

Folks, I feel like a proud papa. I am president of Deltona Arts and Historical Center which houses Deltona Records. Little Lissy began working with Frank Starchak music producer and recording engineer of Deltona Records when she was 5 years old.

Lissy is now 13. Mary and I listened to her latest CD which is the first release under her all-grown-up name, Felecity. “Felecity: Look At Me Now” is a great CD. We were pleasantly surprised to learn that several of the songs on Felecity’s CD were written by Adrian Sutton aka Adrian Tristan. Adrian is a multi-talented young man which we also mentored and developed at Deltona Records.

Adrian Sutton is music producer and recording engineer of our second in-house recording studio, Urban Soundz.


Adrian Sutton’s songs on the “Felecity: Look At Me Now” CD really showcases Felecity’s growth as an artist and soulful beyond her years vocals.

The “Felecity: Look At Me Now” CD entertains youths while delivering powerful positive messages; quite refreshing.

Yes, I feel like a proud papa. Congratulations Felecity and Adrian! I am extremely proud of you.




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    July 31, 2012 at 2:08 pm

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