Please Support Our Front Line Tea Party Warriors!

Hi Patriots, I just want to give a shout out to a few of our “real deal” tea party candidates who are running for congress and the senate. We MUST control the House, the Senate and the White House to repeal Obama Tax and begin turning our country around from becoming a socialistic empire lead by a dictator and his elitist supporters.

Elitists are those arrogant superior folks in Hollywood who travel by limos and private jets while demanding the federal government force us common folks to all drive little tin can smart cars. They must be defeated.

Obama’s base also includes the “gimme” crowd – those who demand what others have worked hard and sacrificed to earn. These deadbeats love Obama because he told Joe the Plumber that if elected, he would “spread the wealth around”. My late 40 something year old cousin who never had a job in his life would have loved Obama. The gimme crowd must be defeated.

Then, there are the “black racist” Obama supporters. Yes, blacks can be and are encouraged to be racist. As a matter of fact, blacks have been verbally beating me up for years for being black and not supporting Obama because he is black like me. They must be defeated.

So please rally around our courageous “true blue” tea party candidates who are willing to go to battle to save America.

Anna Little for Congress in New Jersey is a powerfully big little lady folks. I was up there last year extremely impressed by Anna’s army of volunteers.

Joe the Plumber (Samuel Wurzelbacher), my brother from another mother is running for US House of Representatives.

I met this extremely impressive fine young black brother in the green room of the TV show, Fox & Friends. Dan Bongino is a Republican running for US Senate in Maryland (Lord help him!).

I recently heard about this black brother also running in Maryland. I always get excited about fellow blacks who have left the “dark side” of the Democrats stepping into the light. Republican Eric Knowles is running for Congress in Maryland against the Democrat iconic named candidate Sarbanes.

These are just a few of our good guys fighting on the front lines to save our country. They need your prayers, funding, love and support. Now, let’s go take back our country!

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American

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  1. August 3, 2012 at 1:01 pm

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